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Monthly archive February, 2000

Corrections for Feb. 22

By The subhead for article “Anti-sweatshop sit-in wins out” (page 1) wrongly indicated that UPenn had signed on to the WRC. In fact, they have only withdrawn membership of the FLA; they remain in negotiations about joining the WRC.

From the inside: Innocent on death row reveal system’s faults

By Adrian DoerrState News EDITOR’S NOTE: Just last week Texas executed Betty Lou Beets, a woman who stood convicted of murder. As a result issues of the rights of battered women and the principle of self-defense again were entered into the national debate over the death penalty. In the following perspectives piece, from the Feb....

Russian grad program looking at loss

By In Russian culture there is the belief and the epigram that “hope dies last.” It means that when challenges appear on the horizon, people hold to the hope that things could right themselves.

Haverford: more than money?

By Jamie Carr Dear Editor,

Beer-brewing club demands forthright response from Executive Council

By Gabriel L. Schoder-Ehri Dear members of the community,

Russian Graduate Department deserves recognition of worth

By Kimberly Fedchak Dear Editor,

We all got the cheese

By Promise PartnerGuest Columnist I awoke to the mid-winter sunshine streaming through my windows. Usually I sleep with the shades drawn, afraid of unknown shadows lurking in the darkness of Rhoads beach, but I had left them up the night before to try something different. After all, it was Hell Week, that illusive Bryn Mawr...

The Spring Break destination they never told you about (and you never heard of)

By Jenn Grackin SPRING BREAK 2000! DESTINATION: FORT WAYNE, INDIANA! I don’t know about the rest of you, but at this point, I am so looking forward to spring break.

The other side of the story

By Zach PhillipsGuest Columnist It is said that journalistic accounts of sporting events are to be written in the third person. They are supposed to be objective. They are supposed to be detached, unemotional archives of facts. What follows does not fit those criteria.

Acquittal condones unconscionable actions

By Katie AntoniadesGuest Columnist “I ask for your calm and prayer.”

Ford fencers embarrass competition at Drew Multi-Meet

By Mikael HaxbyGuest Writer Following a somewhat disappointing 2-2 multi-meet at home last weekend, the Fords traveled to Drew, in North Jersey, to battle conference foes Drew, NJIT, Yeshiva and Stevens. The Fords came into the day 4-5 in conference competition, paced by identical 7-2 records by the foil and epee squads.

HC men’s tennis ready to swing into action

By Jay Koransky The gradual melting of snow and rising of temperatures can only mean one thing: it’s time once again for some exciting action brought to you by the Haverford College men’s tennis team.