Bryn Mawr Basketball posts two wins against St. Elizabeth’s
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By Sarah McCawley
Guest Writer

Having come away with a close 60-52 win against the College of St. Elizabeth last week at home, the Mawrters knew it would be even more difficult to pull past St. Elizabeth’s while playing away from the school. Bryn Mawr Basketball rose to the challenge, however, defeating St. Elizabeth this past Thursday with a score of 54-53.

Thursday’s event preserved all of the excitement of the first game. St. Elizabeth’s dominated the first half, entering the locker room at halftime with a 29-24 lead. Bryn Mawr came back to capture the lead in the second half, ultimately going on to victory.

Despite the fact that they emerged triumphant in the game, the Mawrters’ win did not come easily. Sophomore Katie Murray’s foul shots gave the Mawters a 54-50 advantage, but their opponents scored a quick three-pointer, bringing the score to 54-53. Bryn Mawr then inbounded the ball with a long throw downcourt, denying St. Elizabeth another chance to touch the ball. The final two seconds ticked away on the clock and allowed Bryn Mawr to enjoy its second win.

The absence of Kia Showell, top scorer and rebounder for the Mawrters, called for many players to step up to scoring, including freshman Mary Kutteruf (11 points) and sophomore Mel Rohall (10 points). Katie Murray, meanwhile, led the team with 21 points.

Sarah McCawley is a member of the Bryn Mawr Basketball team.

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