If you could do anything to better your dining center experience, what would it be?
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“Breakfast in Rhoads.” - Uma Jagliani, BMC ’02

“Good food.” - Jared Owen, HC ’03

“Fresh floral arrangements.” - Laura Edwards, BMC ’00

“A full espresso bar and margaritas.” - Teresa Perez, BMC ’02

“Marshmallow fluff.” - Michelle Khuu, BMC ’00

“There’s just so much.” - Doug Singsen, HC ’00

“Big bathtubs of chocolate pudding that you can fight with.” - Jess Nutt, BMC ’02

“Grilled cheese, chicken fingers and pizza every night.” - Katherine Suter, Mary Stryker and Sarah Lee, HC ’01

“Massage tables 24/7 with Chippendale’s dancers.” - Alexis Webb and Helen Freeman, BMC ’02

“I would like a male escort service for the DC meals … maybe I’d start going again.” - Andrew Whittemore, HC ’02

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