INSC likely to proceed to permit processing in February
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By Ariel Hansen

On Jan. 10, the Haverford Township Planning Commissioners approved a modification to the township’s height ordinance in an institutional zone, allowing the plans for the Integrated Natural Science Center to proceed at Haverford College. The modification will allow the construction of buildings of 60 feet or five stories. This will be permitted given the stipulation that for each foot above 35 feet, there must be an additional two feet of setback from the four lot lines of the property.

The Planning Commissioners have recommended approval of the modification to the full Haverford Township Commission, who will make the final decision on Feb. 14. Once approved, Haverford College will begin the process of obtaining permits to begin construction. This follows a decision by the Haverford Township Zone-Hearing Board to allow a special exemption of adding additional parking for the facility. According to Director of Physical Plant Norman Ricker, though no official groundbreaking has been scheduled, the required road realignment and placement of underground infrastructure should begin in early March. Contractors are scheduled to begin movement of the house at 6 College Circle no later than the first week in April.

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