Just lighten up! Incontinent Donkey was no big deal
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By Remy Fiorentino

Dear members of the community,

It has been, in my best estimate, six weeks since the Incontinent Donkey published its most recent issue, and I find it pretty absurd that many of my fellow Fords are still up in arms over a few tasteless jokes. I’m not going to use the commonplace Haverfordian tradition of appealing to people’s rational sides with a carefully constructed argument, or try to stack the deck in my favor by citing references or quotations. What I am trying to do is to appeal to everyone’s human side.

I will be honest; I have not read most of what people have already said about the Donkey s jokes. Call me ignorant if you like, but I for one embrace my ignorance because I don’t really want to read what a lot of people have to say on this topic.

I read the first half of an editorial in the most recent issue of the Bi-Co, News, but I couldn’t finish it because I could tell it was going to be like every other Haverford editorial.

What really bothers me is that people here take everything SO seriously.

It’s not just Haverford though. Many Mawrters and Swatties come across as equally humorless and flat. I would like to see everyone try and take a step back and just relax. You’d think that a campus with such a drinking problem (so they say, anyway) would know how to chill out and unwind, and maybe act like it doesn’t have a permanent wedgie.

The reality is, the Incontinent Donkey did something for me that no Ford had done in a while, and that was make me laugh. What I think separates the incontinent Donkey from The Happydome is that the ‘Dome mostly takes shots at Mawrters and Swatties, whereas the Donkey keeps its jokes more domestic.

And I certainly don’t recall all this “dialogue” when the ‘Dome issues came out. Folks, we need to be able to laugh a little at ourselves.

The bottom line is that if you are offended by rap music, you change the station; if you don’t like your professor, you can drop your class. DON’T cancel the station, and DON’T have the class cancelled, because there are some people out there who might enjoy it. If you can’t take a joke, don’t read the Donkey. I can’t force you guys to enjoy yourselves, but please, don’t try to censor what I enjoy.

And to the editors, writers and people that try to push the envelope to make people laugh a little bit, don’t take any crap from anyone.


Remy Fiorentino

HC ’03

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