Lack of snowball fights disgraceful
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By Jenn Grackin

7:57 a.m., Thursday, Jan. 25, 2000: My phone. I scramble out of bed to answer it before the machine picks up and on the other end is my boyfriend. He was kind enough to call me an hour before I had planned to get up to tell me that he had just seen on Channel 10’s news that Bryn Mawr College was closed for a snow day. I thanked him for the call and said, “I’m going back to sleep. Call me later.” I couldn’t go back to sleep, though, because just like when I was a little kid, a snow day is just too exciting.

I roused my roommate from her sleep and ventured out into the hallway where I ran into my neighbor, who was jumping up and down, chanting, “Snow day! Snow day!” It seems that she knew because our HA had written it on her board.

In fact, it seemed like everyone on the hall had come out of her room to make sure it was true. I am told that a snow day at Bryn Mawr College is an unusual event, and that some people never see the school close for a weather emergency. But I wouldn’t know, because last Thursday was the second time this year that we closed for weather. The first time was for that “hurricane,” but I have to say that what went on outside on our snow day was much more impressive.

We made a pot of tea, and the Laurens and I lounged around for a while before we went downstairs to breakfast. Lucky us! We live in Erdman and didn’t leave the dorm for the entire day. After breakfast we toyed with the idea of going out to play in the snow, but it was still blizzarding. We decided to wait.

Instead, we napped, checked email and read my magazines, and were generally unproductive. After lunch, when the snow had stopped for the time-being, we again contemplated going outside but realized that none of us had appropriate winter clothes. So we stayed inside, drank more tea, and later on that evening, when my boyfriend came out by train (his school day was cancelled, too), we played my new board games: Scrabble and Mancala.

We were so unproductive and so unmotivated to do anything on our snow day that I almost think we wasted an experience that may never happen to us ever again. I mean, when we start working, unless we’re teachers, I doubt we’ll ever have a day off because of snow. It also seemed to me that we may be getting stodgy because we didn’t venture outside to play in the wonders of a blizzard - as we would have been so impatient to do if we had been children.

Instead, like so many other people at this school, we used our snow day as an excuse not to do our work for a variety of reasons. Today, as I look out the window and walk around campus, I notice how perfectly plowed the walkways are, how spotless the snow on Merion Green still is, and I think to myself that if Bryn Mawr College could only be attended by those who spend more time with their childlike spirits, this place would be a mess of footprints, the pathways would be covered with the remnants of snow balls and all the greens would be decorated with snow people, snow animals and snow forts.

With this in mind, I think we should all hope for another blizzard before we graduate so we can take advantage of the phenomenon of the snow day, which we may never have again.

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