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Daily archive Feb 1, 2000

Bryn Mawr B-ball gets first win of season

By Jenny Gapin The Bi-Co News apologizes for the delay in printing the below article, which accidentally went unpublished last week. It covers the first season win for the Mawrter basketball team, which played the St. Elizabeth at Bryn Mawr the week of Monday, Jan. 17.

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Athletes of the week

By The Owl Cafe Athlete: Katie Murray

Swat overcomes HC women’s hoops

By Marc Robert Despite a noble effort, the Haverford women’s basketball team (5-12, 3-5) fell to a tough Swarthmore squad (10-7, 6-1) Wednesday night, in a game dominated by the Garnet frontcourt.

Bryn Mawr swimmers dominate Western

By Jenny Gapin In a Centennial Conference showdown, Bryn Mawr’s depth and team effort allowed the Mawrters to pull past Western Maryland’s Green Terror, 147-111, and gain their first win of the season this past Saturday.

Haverford men’s hoops falls to surging Swat squad

By Mike Newshel The Haverford men’s basketball team (3-14, 1-5) lost 65-58 to archrival Swarthmore (3-14, 2-5) in an intense and raucous game at the Alumni Field House Wednesday.

Writer Ba pens life of Senegalese woman

By Ilona Meyer My freshmen year at Bryn Mawr, when I was still a scared little girl, freshly debarked from France, I used to scour second hand book shops for books in my native language, craving something that would bring me a little closer to home. Because of this, I read the most odd collection...

To the Teeth: Ani DiFranco arms latest album with musical amalgam

By Ariel Hansen Ant DiFranco’s new album To the Teeth certainly has some teeth. As TtT is her third album of 1999, you’d think the woman should have run her pen dry, but the songs here are as kick-ass as anything she’s ever written, which is saying a lot to those of you who are...

Beyond the tenth entry

By Erin Moran Welcome back, devoted reader. I’m sure you were concerned about our articles recent absence on the Bi-Co beer page. Never fear - we are back, and ready to start drinking. Heavily. This week we traveled back to Manayunk for a “total evening” extravaganza. Yes, that’s right, we managed to escape to Old...

Old Brewery Tadcaster

By Sean Armour Welcome back, beer compatriots. This week we will explore a famous brew from the prime beer region of Great Britain. Brewed and bottled at Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Tadcaster, Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter is an excellent winter weather brew. Samuel Smith’s brews are made in a very interesting way, and the flavors...

The Invention of Love

By Geoffrey W. Melada Recently, I paid an extended visit to the Wilma Theater at its new home on Philadelphia’s Avenue of Arts where Tom Stoppard is currently in residence. The playwright and Oscar-winning screenwriter of “Shakespeare in Love” is here in anticipation of the East Coast premier of his new play “The Invention of...

Merion Green Snowball fight is a time- frozen tradition revived

By Leeza Friedman When President Vickers mailed out Christmas cards with a photograph of “The Great Merion Snowball Fight of 1920,” she probably never expected that it would inspire students to reenact it. She probably never expected that her card had the potential to begin a new tradition, either, but that is exactly what happened...