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Daily archive Feb 1, 2000

Student introduces multiple personalities of Bryn Mawr’s McBrides

By Kim Peters Welcome to the first installment of the new column about the Katherine E. McBride Scholars Degree Program at Bryn Mawr. Hopefully, this column will increase awareness of the program and stimulate conversation between McBrides and the faculty, staff, and traditionally-aged students on both the Bryn Mawr and Haverford campuses.

Legend of Merion Ghost continues to haunt Bryn Mawr

By Leeza Friedman Quite a lot has been said about the fate of Lillian Vickers. Since her death in 1901, the Bryn Mawr community has speculated not only about the mysterious details of her death, but also about the notion that she haunts the third floor of Merion Hall.

Y2K preparations at HC successful

By Ariel Hansen In the fall of 1998, Haverford College formed a committee to deal with what was beginning to look like a potential problem the possibility that computers might react disastrously to a series of dates in 1999 and 2000.

Erdman construction nears completion

By Christine McCluskey Students came back to Bryn Mawr after Winter Break to find Erdman ‘s temporary front doors replaced by the new, wooden doors long promised. Finishing touches on the doors were completed last week, according to Amber Carmo ’01, one of the presidents of Erdman. The doors are part of a larger project...

Approval of low power FM opens up broadcasting opportunities

By Liz Hunt The Federal Communications Committee has decided to offer low-power FM signals to small radio stations that have been unable to obtain a frequency on a previously very crowded FM dial. The decision may pave the way for Haverford’s own incipient radio station, WHRC, to increase its number of listeners using one of...

Bryn Mawr and Haverford Crime Blotter

By Bryn Mawr College

INSC likely to proceed to permit processing in February

By Ariel Hansen On Jan. 10, the Haverford Township Planning Commissioners approved a modification to the township’s height ordinance in an institutional zone, allowing the plans for the Integrated Natural Science Center to proceed at Haverford College. The modification will allow the construction of buildings of 60 feet or five stories. This will be permitted...

Honor Council survey reveals cheating’s prevalence at HC

By Tom Goodhue Haverford Honor Council recently compiled and presented the results of a survey taken to assess the type and extent of cheating at the college. Over 40 percent of the student body responded to the survey and 8.2 percent of the respondents admit to cheating at some time during their academic career at...

The Bigger Picture

By Sara Stanley Russians Claim Advances in Grozny

Class scheduling no easy task at Haverford

By Matt Sharp In a coordinated system of numerous colleges and hundreds of course offerings, no one would expect scheduling those classes to be an easy task.

HC joins Worker Rights Consortium

By Heather Grigo On Dec. 23, Haverford President Tom Tritton signed his name on behalf of Haverford College to join the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC).

BMC plans events for Black History Month

By Latanya Ingraham Numerous events are currently lined up this February at Bryn Mawr in celebration of Black History Month. The organizers of these events say their intent is to ameliorate the ignorance that abounds on the campus about African-American history and about various issues that affect members of the African Diaspora.