Ice-clobbered friends left in Finnegan’s wake
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By Finnegan Finnegan
Guest Writer

Remember that for many members of this community winter does not mean snow. For some, winter may mean three dark and damp months of hard soft, straight, slanted, windy, calm, cool, cold and always wet rain. For others it may mean such unreasonable amounts of snow I don’t think is even referred to as snow but rather that state of being that settles on you for a good four months out of the year. For still others winter may mean nothing more the mild, sunny, pina colada-sipping period in between those other three mild, sunny, pina colada-sipping periods that for some reason people from other corners of the globe take so seriously. And then there are those of us who have spent our entire lives shoveling snow out of our parents drive-way while they sit in the warm house sipping coffee and at congratulating which ever one of them had the great idea of having kids in the first place. I do not mind admitting that snow is a new concept for me. For two weeks after the first real snowstorm of the season I walked around in tennis shoes and one pair of socks. My feet were wet, my spirits were low, and winter was nothing but that stuff that would collect in my shoes after walking to class. Then someone suggested that I put on more than one pair of socks: two, three, even four. My life had changed. My feet are warm, the snow is fluffy again after our latest set of flurries and there have never before been so many people around that I want to thump with a large piece of ice while it is actually within my means to do it. My advice: take advantage of all this. Put on an extra pair of socks, lure someone you have wanted to hit but not actually hurt for the last four months outside and plug him with a few. Its [sic] much better than any pina colada on any mild and sunny beach.

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