Who would your ideal Customs leader(s) be?
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“Brilliant people like us…shameless plug, we know.” - Radha Karnad and Noor Al-Rashid, BMC ’03

“Although our current Customs People are almost perfect, we would choose Mary Poppins because she is practically perfect in every way.” - Holly Young and Katie Bosch, BMC ’03

“The ones I have right now. Selena and Lamoy are the best!” - Aubrey Levy, BMC ’03

“My Friend Neil. He knows way more about fashion than I do, and he’s so sweet!” - Alice Wagers, BMC ’03

“Someone with a big head.” - Dave Schalk, HC ’01

“Anyone but Mr. Rogers and Barney.” - Aaron Clauset, HC ’01

“It doesn’t matter as long as they’re from Rhode Island.” - Anna Krieger and Terry McMahon, HC ’02

“Someone warm and fuzzy.” - Caitlin Costello, HC ’02

“Monika and I, of course!” - Monika Le and Colleen Owens, BMC ’03

“John Belushi from Animal house.” - Megan Bartley, Alena Luzania and Sarah Williams, BMC ’03

“Piglet.” - Debbie Penman, HC ’00

“John Marples.” - Laura Taylor, HC ’02

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