A recipe for fun…just stay away from the jungle juice
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By Jenn Grackin

“Make sure you get to the bar in the basement as soon as the party starts so you can get some ‘jungle juice.’”

I just love partying; I used to do so much of it as a frosh, but the older I got, the less big-time partying I did. It got to the point during my sophomore year that the only partying and drinking I did was a couple of times a month in someone’s room. Luckily, I’ve found a new way to party, and it has made a junior year when I am not abroad (and partying hard) more livable.

When I talk about going to a party now a days, I no longer hop on the Swat bus on Saturday nights to participate in the meat market. Nope, instead I hop on the train and go visit with my friends in Philly. They have parties there where the guy to girl ratio is much better (let’s just say, there are more guys than girls, so it is the girl’s choice). Last weekend, I went to a particularly good party with two of my friends from Bryn Mawr. It was at a certain Drexel fraternity house where I know many of the brothers. The main purpose of this trip into Drexel territory was to get drunk and introduce my friends to boys. My friend “P” had just broken up with her boyfriend, and my friend “E” is a great frosh who really needed to get off campus. So, I took them with me and, boy, was it fun.

Partying, for me at least, has changed so much from the days when I was a frosh and would part all weekend and wake up Sunday morning not entirely sure of what I had done. I’ve finally learned to drink just enough that I start to enunciate my words, but not enough so I slip into French. The perfect compromise of drunkenness and sobriety. Now, when I wake up the morning after a party, although I may be sluggish and craving eggs, I know what I did and what my friends did, and it makes me feel more responsible.

Enough about my drunken past. Back to the party last weekend. “P” was on the prowl as I had never seen her before; she was drinking! When “P,” “E,” and I went to get the “jungle juice,” a brother told us that it contained something like five gallons of Hawaiian Punch to one liter of grain. So, there was “P” with a cup of this juice and a big ol’ flirty look on her face, and then she started talking to a certain brother and, well, use your imagination. “E,” on the other hand, was a little subtler about her pickup routine. We were hanging out down at the bar with this wacky brother named “Dimitri.” This random guy came up to me and offered me a Yuengling. I accepted. because 1) I like Yuengling, and 2) he was the guy “E” had her eye on when we were upstairs in the pool room. So, when he returned with my beer, I had him introduce himself to “E” and me and then I slowly dropped out of the conversation. Eventually, they ventured off to talk in a quieter area and I was left in the basement, with Dimitri and a drunken pledge from Temple University who insisted on hitting on me by telling me that he had been to Bryn Mawr once and the girls were weird.

The morning after, we woke up on the floor of a friend’s fraternity and ventured back out into the streets. As the three of us walked down Market Street toward 30th Street Station, we remarked again and again how much fun the night had been and how we so needed to party like that more often. We also spoke of how powerful we felt to have so many guys hanging on our every word. Then I made a comment about how we looked as we walked down the street: we could have been in a music video. That degraded our conversation into which one of the BeeGees we would want to be. We all realized that this was the first time in a long time that we were totally relaxed and not even thinking about schoolwork. Partying, in the right way, can be so cathartic. Being out with the girls, drinking, flirting with guys who could never have me because I’m taken, and waking upon the floor of a fraternity was so rejuvenating for me. I had just gotten the feeling that I was very old, and then I went to this party and it changed my whole mindset.

So, folks, my lesson for the week is that Jenn needs to get out more and have fun with the girls without having a mission. That goes for all of you: Go out, have fun, be with your girls (or guys). But beware of the “jungle juice!”

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