BMC’s self-scheduled exam policy appears on SGA meeting agenda
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By Molly Clarkson

Mention the possibility of self-scheduled exams being abandoned to any given students in the bi-college community, and you will know what true fear looks like.

Perhaps it was out of this fear that a host of Bryn Mawr community members turned out for the Feb. 13 meeting of the Self-Government Association (SGA), in anticipation of a discussion on the college’s self-scheduled exam policy. The system of administering self-scheduled exams lately has come under fire following a communication from the Office of the Registrar to the Faculty Curriculum Committee that the current system is “broken.”

Curriculum Committee head Melissa Hoegler began the SGA session with a prepared statement, followed by a quasi-question-and-answer session with the dean of the undergraduate college, Karen Tidmarsh. Hoegler’s statement outlined several of the problems which the Registrar’s office faces in the current system, namely, overcrowding in exam rooms, a lack of reliability among student proctors resulting in exceptionally long lines at exam distribution time, the amount of work required to prepare and transport the exams and the long hours which employees must work during exam week itself.

Questions from the assembly quickly made clear the fact that self-scheduled exams will undoubtedly be held this coming semester, but that the system is in serious need of overhaul in the very near future.

Several possible causes, including the lengthening of reading period, were offered to explain the rush of people at certain exam times, as were possible solutions to the staffing crisis, such as hiring graduate students or undergrads to do a ceratin amount of the clerical work. Overwhelmingly, however, the students at the meeting expressed a commitment to keeping self-scheduled exams as an available option for students. All parties present confirm the fact that they considered self-scheduled exams to be a major part of what makes the community attractive both to current and prospective students.

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