F.U.N.’s Un-talent Show provides playful alternative
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By Jessica Bluebond-Langner

In Haverford College’s Barclay Lounge last Thursday, students gathered to share their talents, or rather lack of talents, thanks to the recently formed group. F.U.N., which simply stands for “fun.”

Sophomore Elizabeth Olson, who organized “The Un-Talent Show,” formed F.U.N. soon after last fall’s alcohol collection in response to a comment board message she posted, inquiring if other students shared an interest in organizing special events that did not involve drinking. Since Olson felt that students needed to be “more playful and spontaneous,” the events would be centered instead around what the group terms “silliness.” Many students responded positively to her posting, “hounding” her through email to arrange a meeting to discuss further plans.

The first meeting was essentially a large brain-storming session held over dinner, in which the group attempted to come up with “playful alternatives” to work, parties and typical campus events. Many of the activities were participatory and reminiscent of childhood. While the group’s purpose is similar to F.A.B.’s (Fords Against Boredom) in that both are interested in creating social options for students, F.U.N. is more informal, with low-budget events because the group is not funded by the College.

The first event F.U.N. hosted was last year’s Manhunt. The group was pleased by the success of their first effort since the turnout is estimated to have been around 30 students. Those who participated said they enjoyed themselves and hoped to plan similar events in the future.

F.U.N.’s most recent event proved to be a success as well. The show drew a crowd nearing 50 students who munched on homemade cookies and milk provided by the group, as performers showcased their talents. Since only half of the performers were group members, interest in F.U.N., seems to he rising. The masters of ceremonies were sophomore Student Council presidents, Wheaton Little and John Silson. The evening opened with the little-known Haverford Kazoo Band, which performed the Jimi Hendrix favorite, “Foxy Lady”. Other acts included a harmonica played by the nose, various forms of song and dance, and the S-Chords. The atmosphere was casual and inviting, with a box of kazoos on hand for the audience and many opportunities for volunteering. The group scheduled the event at a time they hoped would be convenient for all those who wished to come.

F.U.N. hopes to organize more events in the spring: kickball and a giant twister game have been suggested. Olson emphasized the importance of involvement of all members in the creation and planning of events, stressing that the group was not controlled by a single leader. The large freshman support for this organization gives hope for the continuation of F.U.N. Their numbers have already increased since last semester and should continue to grow if Thursday night’s participation is any indication. Those interested in joining F.U.N. should contact eolson@haverford.edu.

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