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Daily archive Feb 15, 2000

HC Men’s basketball drops to F&M

By Mike Newshel The Haverford men’s basketball team fell 70-52 to Franklin & Marshall in their last home game of the season Saturday.

BMC badminton wins two of three

By Tracey Posluszny Coming off of an exciting victory last week, tying for first with Swarthmore at the PAIAW Championships, the young but unified BMC badminton team had a chance to reclaim victory this past week winning two out of three matches in what seemed to be mirror-image play.

Trembling Blue Stars: Broken by Whispers

By Ariel Hansen I didn’t know who Trembling Blue Stars were, and I bet you don’t either. I hadn’t even heard of lead singer Bob Wratten’s former band The Field Mice. And on first listen to his new album Broken by Whispers, I was less than impressed.

Peter Handke’s The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick

By Ilona Meyer Last week I promised that I’d tell you about Peter Handke’s The Goalies Anxiety at the Penalty Kick. Well, maybe I lied. Oh, I am still writing my review on this book, I’m just not sure if I can really say anything about it that would be, beyond a doubt, accurate.

Beyond the Tenth Entry:

By Amy McDowell Have you ever dreamt of returning to childhood, but this time, it has a twist? Here’s your chance. We found the ultimate over-21 playground: Dave and Buster’s.

Despite some flaws, Opera Theatre’s Don Giovani shines

By Geoffrey W. Melada On Saturday, Feb. 5, the Opera Theater of Philadelphia returned to Haverford School’s Centennial Hall for an understated production of Mozart’s signature opera Don Giovanni. This dramma giocoso, or “gay drama,” in two acts premiered at National Theater, Prague, in October 1787 and made its triumphant American debut in May 1826...

Real and Imaginary Numbers: Not something you see in math class

By Catherine Song The Tabitha Performance Group presented “Real and Imaginary Numbers: The Autobiography of the Psyche,” a surreal and dark modern dance performance choreographed by Jessica Honig on Friday, Feb. 4, in Goodhart Hall.

Chawalaleng: Ska band, Pilfers, rock Founders Hall

By Abe ScarrGuest Writer Early on in Haverford’s the Pilfers concert two Saturdays ago, it was clear that the audience was not going to leave the show unscathed.

HC senior’s research published in Nature

By Ariel Hansen Opening up a scientific journal, one expects that the published articles will be authored by professors, government or corporate researchers, and maybe even a graduate student or two. Last October, however, Haverford senior David Rothstein was published in the journal Nature (issue 401, pp. 770-772), as co-author of an article on fluid...

The Purple Lantern

By Kim Peters What is it like for a woman in her 30s, 40s or even 60s to attend college at an institution geared towards the needs and expectations of students in their late teens and early 20s? More specifically, what is it like for McBride Scholars to interact with traditionally aged students at Bryn...

Panel discusses the future of black women in academia

By Christine McCluskey “Feminism at a Crossroads: Black Women Academics in the 21st Century” was the title of a well-attended panel discussion at Bryn Mawr that featured Kimberlé Crenshaw, Professor of Law at both Columbia and UCLA, as its keynote speaker.

HC committee works out details of phone system changes

By Matt Sharp A Haverford committee is currently ironing out the details of a new campus telephone system, which is to be installed in campus dormitories and HCA. The committee, comprised of several members of the faculty and administration as well as two students, has “literally dozens” of decisions to make before plans are final,...