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Daily archive Feb 15, 2000

BMC’s self-scheduled exam policy appears on SGA meeting agenda

By Molly Clarkson Mention the possibility of self-scheduled exams being abandoned to any given students in the bi-college community, and you will know what true fear looks like.

Bi-College Crime Blotter

By Bryn Mawr College

Haverford and Bryn Mawr absent from character-development rankings

By Tom Goodhue The John Templeton Foundation recently released a guide ranking colleges according to their focus on character development. Neither Haverford nor Bryn Mawr made the list of the top 100 colleges encouraging character development, although Haverford was recognized as an exemplary institution in two subcategories.

F.U.N.’s Un-talent Show provides playful alternative

By Jessica Bluebond-Langner In Haverford College’s Barclay Lounge last Thursday, students gathered to share their talents, or rather lack of talents, thanks to the recently formed group. F.U.N., which simply stands for “fun.”

Bi-college boycott of South Carolina results from college conversation

By Heather Grigo This month Haverford became the first college in the Philadelphia area to cancel its team’s spring break training plans in South Carolina out of protest against the Confederate flag flying over official state sites. Bryn Mawr soon followed with its own decision to boycott. The birthday

The Bigger Picture

By Sara Stanley Northern Ireland’s home rule suspended

Special vaccination offered at colleges

By Christine McCluskey Infecting thousands of Americans each year, bacterial meningitis has entered the vocabulary of students and health care providers across the nation as, from 1992 to 1996, half of the outbreaks occurred in schools and colleges. The risk has increased to the point that the American College Health Association has made two recommendations...

HC budget to increase 4.6 percent

By Tim Harvey After a budgeting process of many months, Haverford College’s 33-person Board of Managers agreed unanimously Saturday morning to raise the overall cost of Haverford enrollment a record $1,450.

BMC seniors unhappy with performance of class presidents

By Christine McCluskey Unsatisfied with how senior class presidents Brynne and Erin McBride were carrying out their responsibilities, a group of seniors took action to improve a situation they saw as making their senior year less than what they had hoped for. Their action could have led to impeachment and a change in the long-standing...

Haverford Sports Briefs

By Women’s Basketball