Security defends towing policies
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By Glenn Normile

To the Editor:

I write in response to a letter from Scott Burau ’02 published on Feb. 8. Our Safety & Security officers try to carefully follow the published regulations about towing, which resulted from a Plenary resolution some 13 years ago. In that resolution, Security was asked to attempt to notify vehicle owners before a tow is made, and to give the owner a few minutes to respond and move the car before a tow truck is called. Officers follow that policy today.

In the situation described by Mr. Burau, he wondered why Security hadn’t called him before towing his car from the Lloyd lot. Security did try to call him, but his phone was disconnected. An officer then went the extra step, drove down to HCA, and knocked at his apartment door, but no one was home. The car was not towed until 10:18 a.m., long after it had prevented parking by a Haverford employee arriving for work. Mr. Burau had more than two hours after it was in

violation of the parking regulations to remember he had parked illegally and move it.

Finally, a standard vehicle tow results in a charge of $85. but in this case the vehicle was an SUV and required a flatbed truck. The fee is then $125. and there was a one-day storage charge of $25 added to that.

We don’t like to tow but the simple fact is that enforcement is a necessary evil. When a car is towed, the ticket fine becomes $0, and the College receives nothing: all of the fees go to the towing company. The company we use is bonded, careful and nearby, and their rates are standard. The rates are actually set by the state Public Utilities Commission.

All we ask is that users of our parking areas be familiar with the regulations, and follow them. If not, then the rules are enforced, and sometimes this does result in a tow. I have empathy for Mr. Burau, but it was a situation caused by his own forgetfulness. If anyone has questions or concerns about the parking regulations, please contact me or Nora Nelle.

Glenn Normile

Director of HC Safety & Security

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