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Daily archive Feb 22, 2000

What was your favorite TV show when you were little?

By “Reading Rainbow.” - Neela Rajendra, BMC ’03

Correction for February 15:

By Due to an editing error, the article on the Bryn Mawr senior presidents (page 1) incorrectly refers to the sentiments expressed in a student letter in the senior class, reading “In addition, there was, on the part of the letter writers, a lack of acknolwledgment from the presidents … .” It should have read,...

Another look at the past

By In any given college guide’s description of Haverford one is confronted by the ubiquitous reference to the Honor Code. Peterson’s website has this to say: “An Honor Code is created and directed by students and is an important element of the Haverford community. The Honor Code allows students to directly confront academic and social...

Self scheduled exams at Bryn Mawr

By In the traditional fable of the grasshopper and the ant, one insect works industriously throughout the spring and summer months in order to prepare for the coming winter. The former insect simply fritters away his time, and when the cold weather comes, he suffers while the others are happy and well-fed. The moral here...

‘Ford outraged with lack of communication on meningitis concerns

By Bernie Fischlowitz-Roberts To the Editor:

Death penalty debated in Pennsylvania

By Susanna Thomas Dear community,

E-Haus extends green invitiation

By Kate Stephenson Dear Community,

Article on class presidents raises Honor Code questions

By Lindsay Moore Dear members of the community,

Hell Week: Jenn tells of terror and trepidation

By Jenn Grackin “Welcome to HELL, froshies!”

The beautiful Mrs. Watson

By Anthony Fleg She’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. Great smile. Wears nice flower print blouses. Likes to travel. Has worked through some hard times, met some great people and has an ecumenical spirit to her that inspires all.

SEX Typical SEX Ratings SEX Stunt SEX

By Galvin Chow I admit that I am a jealous, petty, possessive type. For example, if you so much as look at my french fries the wrong way, you’ll get at least a kick to the groin. Naturally, this same possessiveness extends to you, my readers - people whom I feel truly care about me....

Athletes of the Week

By Skeeter’s Pizza Athlete: Asa Hopkins