Article on class presidents raises Honor Code questions
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By Lindsay Moore

Dear members of the community,

The Bi-Co should be truly proud of itself. It has surpassed the standards of a college newspaper and achieved the highest standards of journalism: smearing the characters of people who hold office.

I found last week’s article “BMC seniors unhappy with performance of class presidents” to be an offensive choice for a front page article, primarily because it had nothing to report, except that a few students at Bryn Mawr are displeased with the way their senior year social life is being orchestrated for them. Secondly, because it is in direct violation of the Social Honor Code in our community to systematically attack community members in the way that these two women have been attacked.

Last semester there were letters sent out to Bryn Mawr students outlining some students’ displeasure with the way the class presidents were fulfilling their responsibilities to the senior class. Later in the semester, table tents that attacked and criticized Brynne and Erin were placed in all of the dining halls, and outlined the ways that the unhappy group of seniors perceived that the “senior activities” were falling short of their expectations. Is it beyond these people’s understanding that although Brynne and Erin are senior class presidents, they are also peers and community members? They have to eat in those dining halls where there are table tents criticizing their actions. They have to walk through the campus center and see the front page article in the Bi-Co News.

This entire situation is unacceptable, in my opinion. Upon reading the front-page article it became even less clear to me why people were causing the McBrides so much grief. The article specifically states that no changes were made after the class meeting held to review the class presidency.

There is no solution to the seniors’ dissatisfaction. I would hope that people could find a more respectful alternative to express their concerns with class officers, and I would also hope that the Bi-Co News would review its commitment to the Social Honor Code and not publicly embarrass students on the front page of its newspaper in the future.

Thank you,

Lindsay Moore BMC ’00

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