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By Jen Malone

This week we traveled to the main drag in Conshohocken (is that how you spell it?), which is easily accessible from the Conshohocken exit off the Blue Route, traveling towards the city from Lancaster Avenue. There is a faster, more pleasant way to drive to Conshohocken, but it’s all too complicated for this article (not to mention a bit hazy after a long evening out).

We started our evening at Flannigan’s Boathouse, the first bar we came to on the main drag. There was plenty of street parking available when we got there, but then again, it was a Thursday night. On weekends, leave time to circle. Of course, parking is never as big of an issue, stress and/or expense as it is in Old City. But back to the bar.

Flannigan’s Boathouse features a long bar and plenty of booths, and “tons of beers on tap.” So many, that we couldn’t he bothered to write them all down. One of them had a goose-head as a tap. There are a bunch of TVs behind the bar playing the requisite sporting events, plus a basement room with pool tables and an upstairs room as well. We couldn’t he bothered to check the upstairs out (sorry for being lame reporters). We do know, however, that the upper deck is smoke-free.

The scene was definitely local and the music was Top 40 with a dance beat. Surprisingly, everyone knew the words to “Funk Soul Brother:” “… check it out now, funk soul brother, right about now … .”

You know the rest (so you, too, can join the Flannigan’s family). The specialty night at Flannigan’s is Wednesday, when you can get 10 free chicken wings with every pitcher, and we had all just missed the Boathouse Pajama Party, featuring Bud Light Specials.

To sum up this none-too-exciting edition, Flannigan’s is definitely a good hang-out place, but not a big pick-up bar. Of course, if you’re looking to pick-up (and you are a heterosexual female), all you have to do is go next-door to the American Brew Pub, where there are three guys to every girl, leading to the formation of a “male gauntlet” for each arriving female. The official theme of the bar really is “how yooou doing?” Oh, yeah. We’ll be reviewing the American Brew Pub soon, and we’ll be bringing lots of “single for a night” women. Research is research, and we’ll do anything for the Bi-Co.

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