E-Haus considers move to 710
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By Heather Grigo

Members of the environmentally friendly living option at Haverford, E-Haus, have expressed interest in moving into 710 from their current HCA location. 710 is the college’s only off-campus housing in which residents can stay off the meal plan. The building offers many attractive features for E-Haus residents. One member of the community, Haverford senior Sonia Dubielzig, discussed the motivation for a housing change. “The apartments aren’t exactly ideal for communal living, and I think the major problem is space,” she explained. “When we have a big function, we can’t seem to squeeze people in. Also, living in the apartments is somewhat isolating, and it would be nice to have a place we could call home.”

As specified by College regulations, only 11 students can be accommodated at 710, not enough spaces for E-Haus which traditionally has not turned people away due to space constraints. Currently members of the community are in negotiations with Director of Student Housing Robin Doan to see if that limit might be waved.

The Housing Committee has not yet received an official request from E-Haus but has recently extended an invitation to that community to submit one. According to Housing Committee Chair Ilya Enkishev ’02, the duration of the decision-making process could range from a few weeks to a few months.

Officially known as the Environmental House, Haverford’s E-Haus was founded in 1991 by student members of the College’s then environmental group E-Passion and is still dedicated to environmentally minded living. The community is presently comprised of 13 students, 12 of whom attend Haverford, who partake in numerous environmentally-concerned activities that are integrated into their daily lives. They include purchasing organic foods, composting, recycling and conserving energy and water. Communal cooking happens six nights a week. All members share the responsibility of preparing vegan/vegetarian food for dinners that are free and open to the community.

The enthusiasm and enjoyment that E-Haus residents show for their home is quite obvious. Says Susanna Thomas ’02, a Bryn Mawr student living at E-House through the Bi-College Exchange Program, “E-House [sic] is great because everyone is really friendly and supportive. It’s a really great place to come home to.”

Added senior Kate Stephenson, “I was abroad all last year, and I can’t imagine coming back and living in the North Dorms. Coming back to E-Haus was like coming home again.”

Bryn Mawr College is home to a more recently instituted environmental house. Batten House, a bi-college women-only co-op that began last year, also has 13 members, one of whom attends Haverford. According to Bryn Mawr senior and resident Laura Rice, “We strive to live both environmentally and socially responsible lives, both within the house and this community and outside of the bi-co.”

A schedule of communal Friday dinners alternating between Batten House and E-Haus bespeaks a strong relationship between the two environmental houses.

In addition to at-home activities for its members, E-Haus involves the community in its efforts to promote responsible living. According to its last annual letter to the community they have hosted activities such as group evening sing-a-longs, called hootenannies. They also serve as a resource for campus organizations, including both colleges’ animal rights groups, the Folk Singing Society (FoSiSo), Batten House and the students living in Haverford’s 710.

Additionally, numerous household alterations have kept residents occupied. There has been the installation of window insulation to increase the efficiency of energy usage and showerhead aerators to enhance water conservation.

The planning of Earth Day 2000 events are coming this semester as well.

There will be an Open Haus dinner and hootenanny Saturday, Feb. 26 at 6p.m. All students are invited. Interested parties should send an email to In addition, E-Haus is anxiously recruiting applicants for next year. Applications are due after Spring Break.

At Batten House there will be an open house and dinner on next year’s housing on Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 22 and 23 at 6 p.m. Students intending to dine there should RSVP to .

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