Mawrter hit in parking lot
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By Latanya Ingraham

An undergraduate student at Bryn Mawr was seriously injured in an accident Feb. 14 when she attempted to catch the bus at non-designated site in the parking lot, slipped on iced-over pavement and fell underneath the bus. Both of the student’s legs were broken in the accident.

According to John Maloney, Director of Public Safety and Transportation, the incident occurred at about 8:45 p.m. that night when the Blue Bus left the campus Center as usual and drove through the Merion parking lot out to the New Gulph Road exit. The driver was making a right-hand turn on New Gulph Road. When he was almost completely turned onto the street, the student, who was running to catch the bus, “stepped on a patch of ice at the base of the snow pile

and her feet went out from under her,” said Maloney. The student slipped under the rear wheels of the moving bus, and both legs were run over.

Maloney said the driver then heard someone in the back of the bus yell. “Someone’s fallen under the bus.” The driver immediately stopped the bus, opened all of the doors, and ran towards the back of the vehicle. There, he found the resident student sitting at the base of a small pile of ice

and snow at the corner of the exit. Maloney said the driver saw she had “considerable severe laceration of both feet, and leg injuries.”

The driver then called Public Safety from a phone on the bus. When they arrived, Public Safety officers quickly assessed the situation and called an ambulance. The ambulance responded along with the Lower Merion police, and the student was taken to the Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She was treated for the injuries and released on Thursday, and is currently recuperating at the Health Center. She did not wish to comment on her accident for the Bi-College News.

Dean Charles Heyduk, the student’s dean, went to the hospital on the night of the accident. He said she is “very lucky she did not have more serious injuries.” This fact resulted from the way in which she fell. Heyduk said, “She slipped to a sitting position,” and the bus ran over her legs “between the ankles and knees.”

Maloney sent out an email to all undergraduates two days after the accident, notifying them of the incident and warning them not to run for the bus. Maloney said that he has “been told by Blue Bus drivers as well as Public Safety officers that students run after the bus quite often, and it

is scary.” Heyduk said that Public Safety “wanted other people to know that it happened but also to preserve the student’s privacy.”

“Some people have said that there was a problem of students running after the bus before this happened.” Anu Yadav (BMC ’00) commented, “It’s a shame that it takes this unfortunate incident for Public Safety to just send out an email.”

Deborah Hyams (BMC ’01), a close friend of the student, found out about the accident after reading the email sent by Maloney. However, she did not know that the injured student was a close friend of hers until two days later. Over a casual conversation with another BMC student, she then realized who the injured student was, and felt “very upset” and concerned about her friend’s well-being. She said, “It is one of those things that you hope will never happen, and if it does, you hope it’s not anyone you know. I think she’s really brave. I think she’s not letting on how much pain she’s in.”

Dean Tidmarsh commented, “It is awful that something this painful for the student had to happen in order to get people to realize that it is dangerous to run after the bus. It is unfair to the drivers.” Dean Heyduk said that the student was very concerned about the driver.

Sam Magdovitz, the college counsel, said that there has not been an accident similar to this one in the five years that he has been at Bryn Mawr. He said that there have been “accidents where people have slipped and there have been injuries, but very few compared to other places our size. We have a very good safety record.” He does not expect that there will be any legal action taken against the college or the driver. “The driver acted responsibly and is very concerned about her. There is no question about the way that the driver drove the vehicle.” He said that the “greatest message that has come out of this is that students should not run after buses.”

Maloney said that as a result of this incident, “drivers have been told that they are not to stop for people [who run after the bus]. State law [requires that they only] pick up and drop off at certain stops.” He encourages students to plan ahead since the Blue Bus will, under no circumstances, stop for students who are not at the bus stop by the time of departure from this time on.

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