“On Dock Street, they pay 30 bucks”
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By Sean Armour

Welcome back, beer compatriots. This week we will explore a brew from our own “City of Brotherly Love.” Brewed and bottled by Henry Ortlieb’s Original Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia, Dock Street Amber Beer is a decent showing by Philadelphia brewers of the most oversimplified of styles. People tend to assume that an American amber beer will be plain and common: well, today you are in for a treat.

On the pour you will fill your glass with the rich copper brew, creating a frothy and sustainable head. Very small bubbles continuously rise to the top of the glass, keeping the creamy head aloft the amber beer. The aroma is rather weak, with floral hints and a slight staleness.

The first sip is bright and hopped well with cascade hops, and slowly diminishes to a clean finish. This brew is nicely balanced, with a decent bitterness and a mild sweet side. Body is no problem for Dock Street, as their beer flows out like honey, according to a friend.

Dock Street Amber Beer is a good choice with a meal, and Dock Street lover’s may wish to travel to Philadelphia to check out Dock Street Brasserie, an authentic French style restaurant. They serve everything from escargots to Choucroute and other tasty delights - at good prices. More

importantly, they always have six of their 35 different brews on tap, brewed fresh at the adjacent brewery, which offers tours.

Dock Street Brewers has chosen an interesting label with a crest containinng a sailor leaning against an anchor, which in turn is leaning on a barrel that we can safely assume contains a potent brew of sorts.

Also notable is the writing on the bottom of the bottle, which reads, “America’s Gourmet Beer.” This seems a bit arrogant due to the fact that there are plenty of other fine beers made in America, but at least I can agree with them calling their beer “gourmet” in comparison to many American macro-brews.

Dock Street Amber beer is a fine beer by a local brewery, and as the price of a case is between $22 and $26, there isn’t much more you can ask for from a brewery.

So try a bottle or two of Dock Street Amber, take a look at the Dock Street Brasserie, and check out next week’s Bi-Co for another beer, which I am sure you’ll enjoy. Cheers.

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