Pirates plunder wealth of humor at HC’s Plenary
By biconews On 22 Feb, 2000 At 05:00 AM | Categorized As Archives | With 0 Comments

By Matt Sharp

While the votes for the Plenary resolution were being counted, a group stormed in, dressed in pirate garb and brandishing swords and a Jolly Roger.

Announcing themselves as the Pirates of Plenary, they (temporarily) captured senior and resolution co-sponsor Jesse Ehrenfeld, and administered a quiz to selected volunteers drawn from the assembled student body.

As the Pirates left, their leader, Agrar the Destroyer (commonly known as Dan Rounsaville) told those assembled, “Don’t try and follow us, for if ye do, ye be losin’ quorum.”

Asked later for comment, Agrar explained, “We be representin’ the great Quaker tradition of piracy.”

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