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By Katie Queen
A Capella Aficionado

Well, we can now add “illness” to the list of obstacles we’ve overcome in the name of a cappella. Saturday night we dragged ourselves out of our free Health Center drug-induced stupors and made our way to Goodhart Hall for the “World’s Largest A Cappella Competition.” This particular show was a regional competition sponsored by the National Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (NCCA).

The two winners of Saturday’s performance will go on to compete at Johns Hopkins University next weekend (road trip, anyone?).

The night began with an intro to the competition and a warning to keep the applause to an “enthusiastic minimum” because each group only had 15 minutes to show their stuff. Someone should have reminded the screeching parents behind us of this little rule. Luckily, our eardrums remained intact, and NYU’s APC Rhythm kicked off the evening. One of the three groups dressed entirely in black and the only co-ed group of the show, APC Rhythm, impressed us with their strong vocals and good balance between soloists and background. Our favorite song of their set was a mix of “Freedom” and “Rescue Me,” for which they won best soloist.

Next up was the University of Rochester’s Vocal Point, which entertained us with humorous skits, sultry dance moves and a CD promotion cleverly worked into one of their songs. (Oxford Blues, you’ll be happy to know that their rendition of “Groove is in the Heart” doesn’t even compare to yours.)

Vocal Point was followed by the University of Rochester’s Yellow Jackets, and boy did they have yellow jackets. This all male group provided extremely enthusiastic backgrounds to their songs, “Back in the USSR” and “Say it Ain’t So.”

And moving right along, the Princeton Tigerlilies, an all female group, took the stage with “Mystery.” Although their performance was quite enjoyable, we didn’t actually recognize any of their other songs. This group lacked the umph to keep us enthralled - what can we say, we have short attention spans.

The final competing group was the SUNY Buffalo Chips, whose members immediately begged us to be their managers. (Too bad that at that time we were existing in a dream world). In the real world though, this group did quickly become the crowd favorite, leading off with a humorous rendition of a song that we assume is titled “King of Spain.”

Their final song was the highlight of the evening - an interesting take on the song “Rubber Ducky.” Think Sesame Street meets Ricky Martin to create - we swear this is true - “Livin’ La Vida Ducky.”

While the judges deliberated, the Extreme Keys kept the audience pleasantly occupied as they sang a few old favorites as well as “Man in the Mirror,” a new addition with a fantastic soloist. We hope to hear this one at future concerts.

Finally, around 12:15 a.m., the judges were ready. We would just like to say that in our a cappella aficionado wisdom we had already chosen the night’s winners and we were right! Wow, we actually DO know something about a cappella! We plan to put this on our resumes.

First and second place went to the Buffalo Chips (woohoo!) and APC Rhythm. We know they’ll do well in the upcoming Mid-Atlantic semi-finals next weekend.

The runner-up was the Yellow Jackets, and they have the very important duty of sitting around waiting for one of these two groups to get sick (maybe they’ll catch something from us).

After the winners were announced, the Buffalo Chips gave us an encore of - surprise surprise - “I Want it That Way.” Night Owls - you were pretty good with this one, but what can we say they’ve got the testosterone advantage.

We’d like to thank the Extreme Keys for hosting this awesome event (and getting us out of our rooms!). We’re sure it was a lot of work, but we’re glad the bi-co got to hear some outside talent.

In the local scene, the Looney Tunes had a concert on Thursday night to benefit HOAP and the S-Chords and Oxford Blues had a concert earlier on Saturday night. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to either concert, but we’ve heard that they put on great performances. Don’t blame us - a cappella seems to come in waves of multiple concerts folloswing long dry spells. Hopefully, these concerts will continue, and we’ll be here to report!

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