Beer-brewing club demands forthright response from Executive Council
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By Gabriel L. Schoder-Ehri

Dear members of the community,

During the recent budgeting sessions at Haverford, officers of the Zymurgy Club learned of some SC Executive Council practices that we feel are very, very inappropriate. When we went in during grievances to request more money for the club’s operations (we were budgeted zero dollars for operating costs), the Budgeting Committee attempted to justify eliminating the funding for our club, which has existed and been funded by SC for eight years.

First, SC Co-Treasurer Joe Vazquez said that there was a clause in the SC constitution that prohibited SC from funding clubs that had anything to do with alcohol. When asked to cite the clause specifically, no member of the panel could, because there is no such clause. Anyone

doubting this can peruse the Constitution and arrive at the same conclusion that we did.

Next, SC Co-Treasurer Shane Danaher told us that there was a “precedent” of phasing out Zymurgy Club’s funding. He could not, however, dispute that the real precedent in our case was the SC funding of Zymurgy Club for eight years.

Finally, Vazquez came out with a third excuse that should serve as an indictment of Executive Council practices past and present. He told us that last semester Executive Council met and decided that the funding of Zymurgy Club must stop, because SC can’t be associated with alcohol. When we asked Vazquez to produce the minutes of that meeting, he was unable, because that meeting was never reported to the community. The fact that Executive Council neither asked the

community about such an issue nor reported it in their minutes is scathing.

If Vazquez’s claim of an Executive Council decision is true, then we have a clear case of Council being unaccountable to the community, making secret, behind-closed-doors decisions that affect the community without even pretending to represent their supposed constituents - us, the Haverford student body.

It is time to ask who Executive Council really represents. Do they represent us, and distribute our student activity fees, as we would want them to? The answer, sadly, is no. They represent themselves, and the interests of the deans and administration. We challenge the Executive Council, which supposedly made this decision without our input or knowledge to defend ourselves against this claim. And we challenge Danaher and Vazquez to be truthful about what

happens in budgeting. We elected them and they should be bound to represent us, not some other college body. The money they spend does not belong to the college: it belongs to us. Our Student Activities Fee goes directly into the coffers of Students’ Council, and it should be ours to do with as the student body pleases. Let the administration advance its own agenda with its own money.

Whether or not Zymurgy Club deserves SC funding is not the main issue here (during grievances, we were able to convince the Committee to budget us less than 8 percent of what we requested). What is more important is that as students and electors, we demand that Budgeting Committee and Executive Council hold themselves to the standards of our supposedly truthful, open community.

We have elected a Student Council full of new faces. Let us see the new student government of Haverford break the status quo that has hung around our collective necks like a millstone for the past few years. Let us see them step out of the shadows and come out with the truth.


Gabriel L. Schoder-Ehri

HC ’00

Secretary, Zymurgy Club

Matt Rice

HC ’00

Co-President, Zymurgy Club

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