Bi-Co Rugby gears up for spring season
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By Chiemi Suzuki
Guest Writer

After finishing a tough fall season with a 2-1 league record and qualifying for the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union division II playoffs, the Horned Toads, Bryn Mawr and Haverford’s women’s rugby team, are looking forward to the spring season which has already begun.

In speaking of the fall season, coach Alissa Wykes noted, “Everyone was gunning for us and we put ourselves under a lot of pressure.” This is not particularly surprising since the Horned Toads qualified for the National Tournament last year, eventually finishing third in Division II. Despite the pressure, the Horned Toads worked hard throughout the fall and grew a lot together.

“I’m proud of how hard they worked. Qualifying for the EPRU [Easterm {sic} Pennsylvania Rugby Union] playoffs is a testament to the team we have now,” said Wykes.

While much of the focus on the fall season is on league play and qualifying for spring tournaments, the spring season is devoted to individual development and skill building all leading up to April’s West Chester Tournament which will feature 25 teams from all three divisions. In addition, this spring the Horned Toads will compete against a number of teams they do not play during the fall including the University of Delaware, who they lost to on Saturday.

“It was a hard game to have as the first game … not a bad place to start, but a hard place,” says returning player Steph Aduso. University of Delaware is a Division I team who is right now trying to make it to nationals. However, in B-side play “all the rookies played and did an amazing job,” continues Aduso.

William and Mary, a team with whom the Toads have developed a good natured rivalry, is another team the Toads do not see in the fall. The Toads will also be sponsoring a May Day Alum Tournament this spring inviting back some 300 former players for a weekend of rugby and fun.

The Horned Toads, who normally play on the rugby pitch at Haverford, will be playing at various sites including Brecon Field, Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, and the Swarthmore rugby pitch this spring due to construction so come out and watch.

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