BMC basketball learns lessons and looks to the future
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By Emily Engler
Guest Writer

The Bryn Mawr basketball team finished up its season last Saturday with a tough home game against Beaver College, 28-85. Although the Mawrters lost the battle, they succeeded in tripling the number of wins from the previous year, finishing 3-16, in a strong rebuilding season with new coach Jim Buckley at the helm.

This year’s young squad sported no seniors and looked to junior captain Meridith Unger and sophomore captain Katie Murray for leadership to carry them through the season. Murray was the team’s high scorer with 179 points and covered most of the team’s ball-handling. Second in line was junior Thaly Germain, who played a great aggressive game. Freshman Kia Showell got off to a promising start, but unfortunately missed the second half of the season due to injuries. Sophomore Mel Rohall contributed numerous three pointers and had some phenomenal dives in her transition from the soccer goal to the basketball court.

A talented group of new players added their hustle to the team. Freshmen Pashawnda Briley, Mary Kutteruf, Ryan Miller, and sophomore Katie Littlefield saw considerable playing time, honing their skills for the years ahead of them, while returning players Sarah McCawley ’02 and Samita Garg ’02 brought experience to the team.

Highlights from the season include decisive victories against St. Elizabeth’s and Chestnut Hill. The Mawrters first defeated St. Elizabeth’s at home (60-52) to gain their first win of the season. They then went on to defeat them again, this time away, boosting the Mawrter record with a second win. Their third win came from a thorough trouncing of Chestnut Hill. Going into the second half the Mawrters led 23-5. They went on to score to more points and to maintain a 33 point lead with five minutes remaining in the game. The final score was 44-21, an exciting victory for these Mawrters.

With the implementation of an entirely new coaching staff, thus year marked a major transition for Bryn Mawr basketball. Head coach Jim Buckley and assistants Brooke Keith and Debbie Williamson pulled together to foster the team’s growth. The horizon looks bright for the future of the Bryn Mawr basketball team. Expect great things from the development and hard work of this strong squad.

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