Haverford: more than money?
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By Jamie Carr

Dear Editor,

The article appearing two weeks ago in the Bi-Co News concerning the recent decision to increase tuition at Haverford College concerns me. The article made Haverford sound like an elite institution that was more concerned with competing with its “peer” schools than providing a quality education to all those who qualify, regardless of financial status.

Though Haverford will be spending more on financial aid next year, I think it is still important to remember that there are many students who will not be able to attend Haverford for financial reasons. For example, increased spending means that even fewer foreign students will have the possibility of coming to Haverford since Havertord does not provide financial aid to more than eight foreign students.

When I visited Williams College as a prospective student, I was turned off by dorm rooms that felt more like luxury condos than student housing. When I visited Haverford, the torn carpet and stained walls of Barclay made me feel that Haverford was more committed to social responsibility than appearances.

I urge Haverford to stop thinking about itself in relation to Williams and start thinking about itself in relation to the world. In the world where the divide between rich and poor continues to grow, is Haverford reinforcing this divide by primarily educating the wealthy? What if the college were to cut its spending so much that it funded itself entirely off its endowment and were free? I bet that a more diverse group of people than you can imagine would line up at the door to come to Haverford, and I bet a large number of people would be willing to give a lot of money to such a just cause. Is it fair that Haverford’s endowment benefits primarily the wealthy who can afford to come here? Some food for thought.

Jamie Carr HC ’02

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