Hot Chilly Chili (TM) Ice Cream ain’t so hot
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By Nicole Foulke

Hot Chilly Chili (TM): “Vanilla Ice Cream with Spicy Nuts and a Mole Fudge Swirl.” I practically wrenched the freezer door from its hinges in my excitement. Thank you, Edy’s® Dreamery(TM) ice cream for at least attempting to introduce this anomaly into a food genre dominated by pure and uninteresting hedonism. But this flavor leaves me cold.

For one, it’s not very hot: the pecans, almonds, peanuts and cashews are only mildly spicy and glazed with a sweet crunch. The mole fudge contains Ancho paste, chili powder, red peppers and garlic yet the resulting heat is almost negligible. But it’s kinda not Edy’s® fault.

The supposed pepper heat produced by the oil soluble alkaloid capsaicin tickles your pain receptors while the lipoprotein casein in the milk binds with the oils and decreases the capsaicin’s effectiveness. This, combined with the fact that there’s not much pepper in there to begin with, results in minimal heat perception and the lack of a lingering burn.

And then there’s the ice cream (sans nuts). I admit that I have no love for the vanilla fudge swirl. Weaker than the plain chocolate, it is still able to taint the integral pureness of the plain vanilla, rendering the flavor amorphous. I can’t tell the difference between the mole and a regular fudge but perhaps my taste buds had been numbed by the cold.

Concerning the nuts, kudos to Edy’s® for using whole ones, but the nut-to-ice cream ratio is embarrassingly low. And after you pry them from the ice cream they leave behind aspeckled vermilion residue that soon melts into the vanilla, producing an unappetizing oil slick.

If just inhaling next to linguine al diablo sends you into spasms, Edy’s® Hot Chilly Chili (TM) could prove to be a stimulating experience. If, however, the term “Scoville Heat Unit” (used in pepper heat measurment) actually means something to you, then you might not even want to bother with this one.

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