The Spring Break destination they never told you about (and you never heard of)
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By Jenn Grackin

SPRING BREAK 2000! DESTINATION: FORT WAYNE, INDIANA! I don’t know about the rest of you, but at this point, I am so looking forward to spring break.

This year, instead of going home and going to the dentist as I have for the past two years, I will get on an airplane and go with my friend Praggya to visit her family in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I know - Fort Wayne is not the first city, that comes to mind when I say “spring break destination.” I mean, when I used to think about spring break, it was Daytona, Cancun, Panama City Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, etc. that came to mind.

Typical spring break fliers will tell you that the object is “all you can drink,” cheap food, and partying all night. Listening to Praggya talk, I was feeling kind of concerned about exactly what we would be doing during the time we were actually in Fort Wayne.

I mean, while we’re out there in the Midwest, we are going to spend a few days in Chicago, living it up and trying to live the life suggested in those fliers. But what about Fort Wayne? To assuage my fears, I went on the Internet to find out all that I could about the city.

I started out at the WebPages of the “City of Fort Wayne” ( There, I was greeted by their smiling mayor, Richard Graham, who happily told me that Fort Wayne was an “All-American City” in 1998, as well as being one of the top 25 manufacturing cities in the country. He urged me to follow the links to learn more about Fort Wayne, and I did. I learned that the city was founded on Oct. 22, 1794, and has a population of 202,903 - the

page said 202,904, but since Praggya is at Bryn Mawr, I subtracted her - within 77.60 square miles.

Within those 77.60 square miles, there are 27,966 streetlights, one airport, five museums, six hospitals and 360 churches. The churches in the city of Fort Wayne give it the nickname “City of Churches.” Fort Wayne, the second largest city in Indiana, has quite a few nicknames, including “Summit City” and “Three Rivers City.”

At the website called “Fort Wayne - City of Attractions” (, I learned all sorts of neat trivia about the city. Since Johnny Appleseed is buried in Fort Wayne, I hope to visit his gravesite while I am there. We are also planning a trip to see the world’s largest private collection of President Lincoln artifacts, photos, artwork and research library at the Lincoln Museum. Praggya suggested that we also visit the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, where you can see luxury cars from the 19th century.

Don’t worry, I wont let the life get too wild while I’m there, even though there seems to be a lot to see and do in what is often called one of the “most visitable” cities in the Midwest. Praggya and I will be hanging out at her house, watching DVDs, eating home-made Indian food and taking a

trip to the mall to have “Spring Break 2000: Fort Wayne” tee shirts made.

So, on March 4, 2000, we will get on the plane and start our trip to the ultimate Midwest spring break destination. See you all when I get back!

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