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Monthly archive February, 2000

Online voting at Haverford

By “Last week we experienced the highest voter log-on in the history of bi-co elections.”

Ice-clobbered friends left in Finnegan’s wake

By Finnegan FinneganGuest Writer Remember that for many members of this community winter does not mean snow. For some, winter may mean three dark and damp months of hard soft, straight, slanted, windy, calm, cool, cold and always wet rain. For others it may mean such unreasonable amounts of snow I don’t think is even...

Mawrters misplace detergent and Honor Code in laundry room

By Monica Hesse This is going to sound petty. This is going to sound trite, and picky and even neurotic. But it needs to be said, and I am beyond the point of caring. Someone has been using my laundry detergent. And not only that, but my bleach, stain remover and Downy Spring-Fresh Dryer Sheets...

Reactions to Rocker reveal much about all of us

By Akino Irene Yamashita I am writing this three days after Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig announced the suspension of John Rocker, the now-infamous Atlanta Braves closer, until May 1 for the comments he made to Sports Illustrated in last year’s Dec. 24 issue. Selig also fined Rocker $20,000 (to be donated to organizations...

Grad commends S. Carolina boycott

By John Holder Dear Friends,

Context, not content, is crucial

By David Rothstein We, the Editor in Chief and Managing Editors of the the [sic] Bi-Co News, have concluded that publishing the full text of the obscenity in the following letter would breach journalistic standards followed by most newspapers at the college and local, state and national level. Furthermore, publishing constraints rendered it impossible to...

Mawrter advises meeting neediness with kindness

By Susanna Thomas Dear members of the community,

Personality parade: Image issues dominate campaign 2000

By Evan PressmanGuest Columnist Here is a little political pop quiz, a la that reporter and George W. Bush: 1) What are two elements of Al Gore’s health care proposal? 2) How much money will Americans save with Steve Forbes’ tax reform plan? 3) How does John McCain plan to clean up the campaign finance...

Hoping for Mike

By Lauren Hanna Every day we hear about children being abducted from their homes or inner-city kids disappearing. “They were on drugs,” we tell ourselves. “They were had kids; that’s why this happened.” No one ever expects that one day it will be someone they know.

Ford questions classroom: Where is the

By Anthony Fleg I came to Haverford with no idea what my college education was going to encompass.

Disclaimer: It’s not my fault I suck

By Galvin Chow Okay, I’ll just come right out and admit it: My last column kinda, well, sucked. Yes, it had its good points, specifically that the printer ink successfully remained bonded to the page, but overall it just wasn’t up to snuff. I mean, I’ve met with critical revulsion in the past, such as...

Bryn Mawr Sports Briefs

By Basketball