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Monthly archive February, 2000

HC Customs reevaluates and diversifies program

By Matt Sharp Postings around campus are calling on this year’s Customs applicants to apply for “a different kind of Customs.”

The Bigger Picture

By Sara Stanley House votes to expand military ties to Taiwan

Sophomores Little and Silson win SC co-presidency in first online election

By Todd Meyer New Students’ Council Co-Presidents Wheaton Little ’02 and John Silson ’02 ran on a platform that touted their fresh perspective and boundless energy defeating Eric McCalfferty ’01 and Erik Solivan ’01. They will need that energy in the coming weeks as they perform the early duties of their presidencies.

Illegal activity on Bryn Mawr network sees marked increase

By Christine McCluskey An increased level of illegal activity on Bryn Mawr’s campus computer netork has culminated in a letter of reprimand and zero-tolerance for such activity, which has expanded over the past several months. The illegal behavior has most often occurred in the form of students distributing copyrighted material, such as MP3 files, without...

If you could do anything to better your dining center experience, what would it be?

By “Breakfast in Rhoads.” - Uma Jagliani, BMC ’02

Corrections for Jan. 24, 2000

By In the article that covered Haverford’s MLK Collection, the first name of Collection perfomer Stuart Brown was given incorrectly. Her name is Ardie, not Martha.

Bryn Mawr students need established space for dialogue and discussion

By It is not uncommon for students at Bryn Mawr to comment on dining hall food, on issues raised in the College News or the Bi-Co News, on overstuffed freezers in dorm kitchens, or on current student government issues. It seems, in effect, that Mawrters are never at a real loss for words.

Donkey’s disrespect not a laughing matter

By Irritating students with stories about adult magazine subscriptions, or provoking them with stereotypes of bi-co students, does not warrant a call for student self-censorship. Censorship is warranted only when a publication violates the principles of the community at the most fundamental level. In publishing dead baby ‘jokes,’ dead wife ‘jokes,’ anti-disabled ‘jokes,’ and ‘humor’...

Just lighten up! Incontinent Donkey was no big deal

By Remy Fiorentino Dear members of the community,

Incontinent Donkey’s editor explains inclusion of incendiary material

By Judy Lin Dear members of the community,

Haverford’s snow decision was unsound

By Kathy Smerke Dear members of the bi-college community,

Lack of snowball fights disgraceful

By Jenn Grackin 7:57 a.m., Thursday, Jan. 25, 2000: My phone. I scramble out of bed to answer it before the machine picks up and on the other end is my boyfriend. He was kind enough to call me an hour before I had planned to get up to tell me that he had just...