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Monthly archive February, 2000

HC lectures offer life lessons

By Jamie CarrGuest Columnist Last semester and once again this semester Dr. Howard Posner is teaching a seminar at Haverford as a guest of the Global Dialogue Institute entitled “Wisdom and the Healing Arts.” Thus seminar met each week for three hours and covered the following topics: homeopathy, aryuveda, acupuncture, fasting, herbal therapies, prayer and...

Track prepares for Centennial Conference

By Matthew Spiegelman While it may be cold outside, the men’s track team has been heating things up inside the field house in their drive to regain the Centennial Conference championship and demonstrate that they are ready to compete at the national level. Since returning from Winter Break, the team has run in three track...

Off his Rocker?

By Marc Robert Anyone who glanced at the spoils pages over winter break learned about the uproar surrounding Atlanta Braves relief pitcher John Rocker. But, for those who did not, here’s a recap:

Bryn Mawr Basketball posts two wins against St. Elizabeth’s

By Sarah McCawleyGuest Writer Having come away with a close 60-52 win against the College of St. Elizabeth last week at home, the Mawrters knew it would be even more difficult to pull past St. Elizabeth’s while playing away from the school. Bryn Mawr Basketball rose to the challenge, however, defeating St. Elizabeth this past...

Bryn Mawr B-ball gets first win of season

By Jenny Gapin The Bi-Co News apologizes for the delay in printing the below article, which accidentally went unpublished last week. It covers the first season win for the Mawrter basketball team, which played the St. Elizabeth at Bryn Mawr the week of Monday, Jan. 17.

HC Sports Briefs


Athletes of the week

By The Owl Cafe Athlete: Katie Murray

Swat overcomes HC women’s hoops

By Marc Robert Despite a noble effort, the Haverford women’s basketball team (5-12, 3-5) fell to a tough Swarthmore squad (10-7, 6-1) Wednesday night, in a game dominated by the Garnet frontcourt.

Bryn Mawr swimmers dominate Western

By Jenny Gapin In a Centennial Conference showdown, Bryn Mawr’s depth and team effort allowed the Mawrters to pull past Western Maryland’s Green Terror, 147-111, and gain their first win of the season this past Saturday.

Haverford men’s hoops falls to surging Swat squad

By Mike Newshel The Haverford men’s basketball team (3-14, 1-5) lost 65-58 to archrival Swarthmore (3-14, 2-5) in an intense and raucous game at the Alumni Field House Wednesday.

Writer Ba pens life of Senegalese woman

By Ilona Meyer My freshmen year at Bryn Mawr, when I was still a scared little girl, freshly debarked from France, I used to scour second hand book shops for books in my native language, craving something that would bring me a little closer to home. Because of this, I read the most odd collection...

To the Teeth: Ani DiFranco arms latest album with musical amalgam

By Ariel Hansen Ant DiFranco’s new album To the Teeth certainly has some teeth. As TtT is her third album of 1999, you’d think the woman should have run her pen dry, but the songs here are as kick-ass as anything she’s ever written, which is saying a lot to those of you who are...