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Monthly archive February, 2000

To Each His Own

By Sean Armour Welcome back, beer compatriots. This week, in celebration of my fortieth beer review in the Bi-Co, we will be exploring another fine Belgian White Ale. Just kidding - instead I have decided to compare and contrast the wonderful world of malt liquor.

A Capella Review

By Katie QueenA Capella Aficionado Well, we can now add “illness” to the list of obstacles we’ve overcome in the name of a cappella. Saturday night we dragged ourselves out of our free Health Center drug-induced stupors and made our way to Goodhart Hall for the “World’s Largest A Cappella Competition.” This particular show was...

Phlower Power: the Philadelphia Flower Show presents

By Nicole Foulke Each year, top horticulturalists from around the world gather to fill 10 acres of the Pennsylvania Convention Center with all sorts of imaginative botanical designs, exotic plants and new breeds of more familiar ones.

On the verge of a Special Plenary, a look at the history of the Code

By Sonia DubielzigGuest Writer Part one of a two-part series

Baha’i believers bring tradition coupled with awareness

By Aliya Mathews Before, there were eight, including Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, and Zoroaster. Now, according to the Baha’i, there is a ninth: Bahá’u'lláh. Although there is one God in the Baha’i Faith, the Baha’i are perhaps best known for their last Prophet Bahá’u'lláh (Glory of God), the Founder of the Faith.

Young artists from Philadelphia visit Perry House

By Jessica Richter Young, smiling faces greeted visitors to Perry House, when children involved in a campus tutoring program came to Bryn Mawr, enjoying the praise of students for an exhibit of their artwork. The Thursday afternoon reception was the opening of the exhibit, which is publicly displayed at the House, the African-American cultural residence....

Family members, authorities await answers in case of fatal shooting

By Rachel Nielsen The focus of two protest rallies, the shooting death of 26-year-old college student Erin Forbes has received the attention of local residents but has resulted in little public disclosure from authorities investigating the case, which involves an alleged robbery of the Sunoco A-Plus on

Hawkins discusses black women on death row

By Christine McCluskey Steven Hawkins, the Executive Director of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and a lawyer who has represented many death row inmates, including Mumia Abu-Jamal, visited Bryn Mawr last week to give a talk called “Black Women on Death Row: Sisters on the Inside Looking Out.”

Stokes librarian search underway

By Ariel Hansen Since former science Librarian Wendy Wasman left last year to spend time with her new baby, Haverford College has been looking for someone to permanently fill the Stokes Hall position.

Bi-College Crime Blotter

By Bryn Mawr College

Freshman SC Co-Treasurers re-vamp budgeting system

By Liz Hunt With the release of budgets, there will always be grumbling. This time around though, the grumbling may involve a lot of, “What do they know - they’re only freshmen.”

Students discuss future of Honor Code

By Tom Goodhue Students filled the Common Room of Founders last Tuesday to discuss the future of the Honor Code. The discussion was held in the wake of Sunday’s Plenary where the Cede received 65.7 percent “Yay” vote instead of the 66.667 percent required for its ratification.