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Monthly archive February, 2000

pop unknown: if arsenic fails, try algebra

By Burke Nagy It’s getting tougher and tougher to rock out these days, mainly because it’s getting tougher and tougher to figure out what it means to rock. It seems as though the dominant paradigms of rock music continue to become subverted by both the cookie-cutter permutations of the corporate machine and the multimorphous, sonic...

Beyond the Tenth Entry:

By Jen Malone This week we traveled to the main drag in Conshohocken (is that how you spell it?), which is easily accessible from the Conshohocken exit off the Blue Route, traveling towards the city from Lancaster Avenue. There is a faster, more pleasant way to drive to Conshohocken, but it’s all too complicated for...

“On Dock Street, they pay 30 bucks”

By Sean Armour Welcome back, beer compatriots. This week we will explore a brew from our own “City of Brotherly Love.” Brewed and bottled by Henry Ortlieb’s Original Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia, Dock Street Amber Beer is a decent showing by Philadelphia brewers of the most oversimplified of styles. People tend to assume...

Annual event returns to Philadelphia

By Nicole Foulke If squinting through steamy glass in an attempt to choose between one entrée that makes you queasy and another that makes you nauseated is not your idea of a pleasant culinary experience, then perhaps you need a change of scenery. Perhaps you need to spend a day at Philadelphia’s the Book &...

2K Bach: an evening of counterpoint at Rittenhouse Square

By Matt Sharp 2000 is a “Bach year:” this July marks the 250th anniversary of the death of Johann Sebastian Bach. The Bach Festival of Philadelphia, however, is alive and well as it prepare to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the coming of the 2000-2001 season, and is now in the midst of a season...

Faculty Dance Concert is an emotional triumph

By Katherine Hoff The audience at Bryn Mawr’s Goodhart Theater witnessed a staggering array of color and sound at the annual Faculty Dance Concert on Feb. 11. Spanning diverse dance and music disciplines, the concert showcased dancers in sleek black track suits and in swirling chiffon skirts dancing with ankle bells and dancing to church...

Good Grief

By Akino Irene YamashitaGuest Columnist I still remember where I was when I learned of the news. It was the day before Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 13, 2000.

The life, times and characters of Mr. Schulz

By Suzannah Skolnik-Smith When Charles Schulz died just a few hours before his last Peanuts comic strip was scheduled to appear in Sunday newspapers on Feb. 11, it almost seemed he had written it that way. The 77-year-old cartoonist, whose life was so imbued with his strip that it seems he could not live without...

online books: they’re cheap, fast and cool …. why (not)?

By Heather Lazusky With college life there are a few “definites” for students as they return and settle into the new semester. One, it is assumed, is the bookshop scene the first week of classes, in which each student will need to stand in at least one huge line to purchase textbooks while at least...

Bi-College Crime Blotter

By Bryn Mawr College

Amtrak plans improvements in Pennsylvania service

By Matt Sharp According to a recent press release, Amtrak’s line from Philadelphia to Harrisburg is slated for $140 million worth of improvements over the next five years.

Haverford rendered powerless for more than an hour during storm

By A power outage struck Haverford last Sunday night, lasting from approximately 9:05 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. It affected the entire campus, including dorms and academic buildings. PECO Energy, the school’s electricity supplier, has not returned requests from the Bi-Co News requests for further information.