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Monthly archive February, 2000

SGA allocates funds for Speaker’s Committee

By Christine McCluskey A one-time cost of $15,630.00 has been included in Bryn Mawr’s Self-Government Association’s spring budget for the new Speaker’s Committee. Jane Yoo ’01, Treasurer of SGA, said that because of a budget surplus of over $75,000 from last semester, she was able to give that sum of money to the fledgling Speaker’s...

Conference on nonviolence comes to HC

By Joseph Badtke-Berkow Two years after launching an initiative called “A Season for Nonviolence” from Haverford, Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, will return to the college this Friday to open a two-day dialogue that will deal with major areas of violence, nonviolence and conflict resolution.

Pirates plunder wealth of humor at HC’s Plenary

By Matt Sharp While the votes for the Plenary resolution were being counted, a group stormed in, dressed in pirate garb and brandishing swords and a Jolly Roger.

Bush leads convincingly in South Carolina Republican primary

By Ariel Hansen With a lead of 11 percentage points, Texas governor George W. Bush gained a commanding advantage over Arizona senator John McCain in the South Carolina Republican primary held last Saturday.

Lone resolution ratified at Haverford’s Spring Plenary

By Matt Sharp Haverford’s 2000 Spring Plenary ran smoothly and, for the most part, uninterrupted. Students passed both of the items on the agenda, one resolution and the Honor Code.

Russian graduate program faces challenges

By Christine McCluskey The President’s Office at Bryn Mawr has released a report suggesting the termination of the Russian graduate program for financial reasons. The termination would go into effect at the end of the 2000-2001 school year.

E-Haus considers move to 710

By Heather Grigo Members of the environmentally friendly living option at Haverford, E-Haus, have expressed interest in moving into 710 from their current HCA location. 710 is the college’s only off-campus housing in which residents can stay off the meal plan. The building offers many attractive features for E-Haus residents. One member of the community,...

The Bigger Picture

By Ariel Hansen Officers testify in Diallo shooting reduced charges recommended

Anti-sweatshop sit-in wins out

By Adam Berg To what lengths should university students go to make their voices heard? That was the question on everyone’s mind at the University of Pennsylvania over the past two weeks.

Mawrter hit in parking lot

By Latanya Ingraham An undergraduate student at Bryn Mawr was seriously injured in an accident Feb. 14 when she attempted to catch the bus at non-designated site in the parking lot, slipped on iced-over pavement and fell underneath the bus. Both of the student’s legs were broken in the accident.

BMC’s self-scheduled exam system needs change, says Registrar

By Lakshmi Gandhi The Bryn Mawr’s registrar has announced that the College’s 30-year policy of giving self-scheduled exams is too much of a burden on her and her staff to continue in its present form. Only a vote of the faculty can end self-scheduled exams, since such a vote initiated them. Thus, the registrar herself...

What is your favorite quotation from a movie or a TV show?

By “I’m looking for a dare to be a great situation.” - from Say Anything, Melinda Phelps, BMC ’02; Brianne Brown, BMC ’01′ Alexis Hilts, BMC ’02.