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Monthly archive March, 2000

The Word: What is your current or all-time favorite CD?

By “Counting Crows’ August and Everything After.” - Jacob Zlotoff, HC ’00

Corrections for March 21

By The artcle on the lawsuit flied by the parents of Erin Forbes (page 1) neglected to name the defendants of the lawsuit. They are the Township of Lower Merion, the superintendent of the Lower Merion Police Department, Officer John Salkowski, who shot Forbes, and “various John Does, as-yet-unidentified police officers of the Township of...

Accept Papal apology and move forward

By Rabbi James S. Diamond EDITOR’S NOTE: The below opinion piece comes from the director of the Center for Jewish Life at Princeton University, received through U-WIRE service from the March 24The [sic] Daily Princetonian.

Racial profiling, fearing differences: How diversity overcomes hatred

By Ella Forbes was worried about her son. While heading home to Chester County from his job as a security guard in the Haverford area, Erin Forbes was getting pulled over often enough that, over the New Year’s holiday with his family, he remarked to his mother that “it had been a good week” because...

Fighting against School of Americas

By Teresa Perez To the bi-co community:

Fireside Chats with the SC Presidents

By John Silson John: My fellow Haverfordians: We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you the events of the next few weeks, leading up to and including Haverford’s Special Plenary. On Sunday, April 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the Alumni Field House. Students’ Council and Honor Council will sponsor a Special Plenary, called...

Metaphysics and men: Jenn judges all during debate weekend

By Jenn Grackin Well, my faithful Bi-Co readers, after a week’s respite from talking about my personal life, here comes another column about what I did over the weekend. Don’t worry - it’s me, so it won’t be dull. It involved a party and interesting people, of course, because, heck, what else do I do...

Sports Briefs


Young BMC crew team showing hard work really does pay off

By Tracey Posluszny Bryn Mawr’s crew team does not need to be told twice about hard work, dedication or drive. It just recently acquired the status of a club team and will go varsity next year. Senior captains Anne Braun, Joanna Wolaver, Calies Sauk-Schubert and Nicole Stevenson can recall the day, not too many years...

Athletes of the Week

By Skeeter’s Pizza Athlete: Lindsay Carey

Superb racing foreshadows excellent season for BMC Track

By Krissy Falk Bryn Mawr’s track and field team started off its 2000 outdoor season with some outstanding performances at Swarthmore’s 5-Way Meet this past Saturday. Coach Dan Talbot referred to it as “the best first outdoor meet we’ve ever had.”

Missed class time concerns athletes

By Tracey Posluszny “It’s a complicated problem,” said tennis captain and former Athletic Association president, Libby O’Hare. The issue of athletic and academic commitments conflicting with one another has been on the minds of many for quite some time. Last Monday, Athletic Director Amy Campbell met with BMC athletes to hear their concerns, the first...