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Daily archive Mar 21, 2000

The Word: If you could be any movie character, who would you want to be?

By “Ferris and Sloane in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, because a day off always sounds like a good thing.” - Zack Phillips, HC ’01 and Elissa Underwood, BMC ’01

Corrections for Feb 29

By Due to editing error, an inaccurate number of police reports was suggested in the page 7 story on Erin Forbes’ shooting. The sentence describing the police account should have read, “The police report states that in Bryn Mawr, just before 5 a.m., a man clubbed a clerk at the A-Plus convenience store, stole $4...

Bryn Mawr Plenary is a call to civic action

By An out-of-town sports competition. The rather grand and somewhat intemperate fete of Pallas the night before. The alleged student apathy.

The HC Honor Code dilemma

By On Sunday, April 9, 75 percent of the Haverford student body will attend a Special Plenary to take another look at the troubled Honor Code after it was voted down at Spring Plenary this year. Spring Plenary has become a battleground for head-butting over the letter and spirit of a document that we are...

What’s gone wrong, BMC?

By Carmen Jardeleza Dear Editors,

Flag stands for more than prejudice

By Celeste Moore Dear Editor,

Not simply black and white

By Anthony Fleg “Suppose you met a white person,” I began.

After the train ladies: post-Spring Break primaries introduce presidential candidates

By Jenn Grackin Welcome back, Bi-Co readers. I hope you all had relaxing spring breaks. Before I go into the real meat of this week’s column, I would like the chance to fill you in on what happened over my spring break in Fort Wayne. Here it is in the form of a poem:

Emancipated from what?

By Benesha BoboGuest Columnist Recently, Amadou Diallo, a young African man, was brutally killed by four New York City police officers. He was unarmed.

BMC athletes test their strength

By Tracey Posluszny While most were preoccupied with spring break plans or midterms, a group of Bryn Mawr athletes from sports ranging from cross country to rugby came together in the fitness center on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 1, to participate in the 6th annual weightlifting competition.

Florida trip a success for HC women’s tennis

By Iain PollockGuest Writer Haverford’s women’s tennis team started off its 2000 campaign in grand style. After defeating Morgan State University at home, the Fords headed for the warmer climate of sunny Florida. All of the Fords played well with sophomore standout and #1 Alyssa Kennedy especially impressive during the trip, losing only one singles...

In Brief: Haverford Sports

By Men’s Squash