BMC athletes test their strength
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By Tracey Posluszny

While most were preoccupied with spring break plans or midterms, a group of Bryn Mawr athletes from sports ranging from cross country to rugby came together in the fitness center on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 1, to participate in the 6th annual weightlifting competition.

The weightlifting competition was initiated in 1994 by Diane DiBonaventuro, former Sports Information Director and Basketball Coach of Bryn Mawr College and current Assistant Athletic Director at Immaculata. Since then, the contest has become a regular part of Bryn Mawr’s athletic program.

The event is structured so that there are three weight classes A, B and C, with A being the lightest and C the heaviest. The groups then rotate around three stations: the bench press, the lateral pulldown, and the leg press. At each station, with the exception the leg press where a

limit of 50 reps is imposed, athletes pump out as many reps as they can. The number of reps are then totaled and the top three from each class are named champions.

While all participants received Weightlifting Competition T-shirts, this year’s top three from each class were awarded ones with “Champion” written across the back.

Winners from this year included a first place finish for the fourth year in a row by senior tri-athlete (field hockey, swimming, lacrosse) Beth Varadian in weight class A with 125 reps. She was followed by newcomer Ryan Miller, a freshman basketball and lacrosse player, with 106 reps. Sophomore track and field runner Sarah Crown pumped out 96 reps.

In the middle weight class, Emily Engler ’01 (soccer, lacrosse) captured first place with 110 reps. Runner Krissy Falk came up just four reps behind, while senior rower Anne Braun and senior swimmer Michele Mieuli tied for third with 102 reps each.

Group C was lead by Rugby player Sarah Schillawski and her 115 reps. Nicole Stevenson (Crew) also pushed her limits with an impressive 107 total reps. Former C champion Hillary

Pinsker, who plays soccer and lacrosse, and senior rower Calics Sauk-Schubert, both claimed third.

Although athletes are not required to participate, all are encouraged and welcome. This year’s turnout of 78 broke the former record of 56, set last year, for the most number of

participants. Part of this was due to the fact that for the first time clubs sports, such as rugby and crew, were invited to join the 10 Varsity sports in the competition.

Teams with the highest participation rates were tennis (with over 90 percent), badminton and lacrosse. The lacrosse team also had the greatest number of participants with 15.

Despite the quest for champions. the competitive aspect did not dominate the competition. The focus still remained on female athletes coming together under a common cause: their love and drive for athletics. This is one of the few times in the year when all Bryn Mawr athletes have the opportunity to come together and recognize each other’s talents: the others are Student-Athlete Appreciation Day and the Athletic Banquet at the end of the year.

Support for one another shined through at this competition. Without regard to team or class, athletes hollered words of encouragement that pushed each other to go past their limits. “I’m sure I did a lot more reps than I would have done [without the support from the athletes],” says class B champion Krissy Falk.

The next event planned is Student Athlete Appreciation Day, which is April 6. Similar to last year, athletes will receive special T-shirts in honor of their strides; they will all wear these T shirts on that day and take a picture together for publication in the Alumnae Association’s Bryn Mawr Now. New to the itinerary is the special tailgate dinner in the gym with other fun activities.

The athletes also plan to help out with the sports related activities that will be planned for “Take-Your-Daughter-to-Work Day.” also April 6. For more information on these activities visit the Athletic Association’s web site at

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