Bugjuice, not quite as you remember it
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By Nicole Foulke

According to the bottle label, “Jones Soda and BUGjuice.com [an online music organization] joined forces to bring you this tine beverage. BUGjuice represents the fusion of music and pop (soda)… .”

Just for fun, let’s pretend they’re not referring to their business collaboration and say something unkind, like “this soda is the result of sirop de Kenny G. dripped into a glass of day-old seltzer water.”

This soda truly disgusts me. Upon drinking it, the only pleasure I experienced resulted from admiring the engaging label picture of Moby’s album Play. BUGjuice is a temporary remnant of Jones Soda’s Lemon Lime Soda for a promotion with BMG music: BMG artist album covers are displayed on BUGjuice labels.

The soda is mildly sweet and cloying, with a weak base of lemon and a thin dome of lime, if you use your imagination.

It is Like Mountain Dew at three-fifths of its strength. And the 12 oz. bottle is a whopping 16 percent of your RDA of carbohydrates, rendering it similar to bugjuice, any sort of superartificially flavored and colored beverage.

I think that Jones Soda is going for a hint of refreshing sourness, but it comes across only as a stagnant, unidentifiable aftertaste.

There is not enough carbonation to provide the stimulating mainstream soda experience. Yet though BUGjuice’s fizz seems pathetic under the palate, it somehow manages to expand by three-fold in the stomach like a tidal wave in reverse.

The color is a frightening soft greenish-yellow that is, sadly, not charismatic enough to be compared to the color of most bioluminescent lightning bug abdomens.

Its indecisiveness as to whether it wants to be gastronomically appealing or just interesting is confusing.

Its label states that it is a “Sooper Dooper Soda.” Unfortunately, as neither “sooper” nor “dooper” can be found in an English dictionary, I cannot call that claim a blatant lie. Ugh.

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