Confederate flag boycott in S. Carolina heats up
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By Ariel Hansen

The New York Knicks have decided not to hold spring training in Charleston, South Carolina, a decision made last month in protest of the flying of the Confederate flag over the Statehouse dome.

The flag, which has been atop the Statehouse since 1962, is a symbol of racism and slavery for some, and a symbol honoring Southern heritage and those who died in the Civil War for others.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons (NAACP) organized the boycott, urging sports teams, corporations and individuals to change plans for conferences, reunions and training camps to another state.

The Eastern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, Temple University and Haverford, Bryn Mawr, and Swarthmore College sports teams have all joined the boycott, altering their spring training plans to avoid South Carolina tourism. Other groups have not changed plans, including the Professional Golfers’ Association, the women’s US Olympic marathon trials, USA Track & Field, and the Southern Conference national men’s and women’s basketball championships.

South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges has proposed moving the flag to a Confederate monument on the Capitol’s grounds, but a spokesman for the NAACP says the organization will only accept the flag displayed in either a Confederate relic room or in a glass case inside the Capitol.

In a related story, Mississippi State Troopers have been ordered to remove all unauthorized decals or stickers from their patrol cars, including the Mississippi state flag, which includes the Confederate flag in one corner.


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