Corrections for Feb 29
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Due to editing error, an inaccurate number of police reports was suggested in the page 7 story on Erin Forbes’ shooting. The sentence describing the police account should have read, “The police report states that in Bryn Mawr, just before 5 a.m., a man clubbed a clerk at the A-Plus convenience store, stole $4 from the cash register and then fled in a white car.”

Due to editing error, a person quoted in the page 1 article “Crowd gathers to protest fatal police shooting” was not fully identified. Melonie Barleit is the wife of Bo Bartlett: they live in Belmot Hills.

Because of editing oversight, the page 1 article “Crowd gathers to protest fatal police shooting” unclearly labeled the groups present at the Forbes rally. Supporters came from Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Temple and other schools. It was other citizens, not area college students, who represented the “various social and political groups.”

The woman in a page 6 photograph was unidentified. The photograph was of Mary Lynn Morris, the acting science librarian at Stokes Hall, who was mentioned in the associated article, “Stokes librian search underway.”

Due to editing error, the upper photograph on page was not credited. It was taken by Rachel Fish.

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