Cramped humanities at Haverford get some relief
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By Todd Meyer

In order to increase scheduling flexibility for seminars in the humanities and social sciences, the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) has recommended additional afternoon time slots for these seminars.

These courses had been restricted to Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, overwhelming the schedules on those days. The new proposal would open time slots between 1:30 and 4 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons as well. Pending faculty approval, it could be implemented immediately in the planning of next year’s courses.

There are no plans to add to the number of time slots for evening seminars.

Registrar Lee Watkins expects to accommodate the revised schedule without any major problems of classroom space. The “most desirable classroom space” will be given to those

classes that meet two or three times per week.

Further classroom space is expected to become available through the renovation of Stokes Hall and the completion of the Integrated Natural Sciences Facility.

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