Flag stands for more than prejudice
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By Celeste Moore

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the editorial in the Feb. 15 issue regarding the Confederate flag, in which you stated that “the Confederate flag is a symbol of shame” for many Americans…who derive no pride from human enslavement or Jim Crow laws.” I just want to emphasize to you and to the community that not all people who fly that flag “derive pride” from slavery.

I don’t fly it in my home, but when I see it, I feel pride for my home state (North Carolina) and the Southern culture the flag represents to me. I do realize that the connotations of the Confederate flag are not the same for all people. I’m also not disagreeing with the school’s decision to boycott trips to South Carolina, nor do I object to removing the flag, but I do want people to realize that the Confederate flag stands for more than racial prejudice for some Southerners. To assume differently is as close-minded as the feelings that you think the flag represents.

This is all in the spirit of dialogue - just to show from where I am coming. I support anyone who seeks to explain why the Confederate flag is offensive to him or her, a feeling I can understand in light of the history of racial prejudice in the South. However, there are aspects of Southern culture included in the scope of the Confederacy other than slavery or racism.


Celeste Moore HC ’03

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