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By Molly Chidester

Bryn Mawr College has many high rankings on the Princeton Review: Bryn Mawr is number 18 for “students never stop studying,” number 12 for “best quality of life,” and number 5 for “dorms like palaces.” These are all great rankings from such a well-known organization, but Bryn Mawr College is ranked number 10 for “no one plays intramural sports.” This must be changed, and only you, the student body, can change that.

Everyone knows that students at the college are involved in more than just classes. There are a variety of clubs on the Bryn Mawr website that are cultural, musical, academic, political, religious…the list goes on. But if you go online and check out the section for sports clubs, you will only find two organizations. Congratulations, Bryn Mawr boxing and badminton, for being those two teams.

Bryn Mawr intramural volleyball and tennis are winding down their very successful seasons. Jody Law is in charge of both intercollegiate and intramural tennis at Bryn Mawr. She says the intramural program is for “those players that don’t want to play on the team, but do know how to play and want to meet others on campus for some tennis.” The team meets every weekend for friendly matches on the courts. Kristin Moore runs the intramural volleyball program at Bryn Mawr. The session begins with fifteen minutes of instruction and is followed by a series of games. Last year the program had over fifty participants. Two of those students, Daniela Martinez and Taylor Beaudry, decided to play intercollegiate volleyball in the ’04 season. Both made the team, and Martinez was recently named to the Centennial Conference Honor Roll.

So what now? With the volleyball and tennis seasons coming to an end, how will students change that Princeton Review ranking? You won’t, unless you make an effort to get involved. Amy Campbell is in charge of intramural sports and says the organization is “set up to meet the interests of students.” If there is a sport that you and your friends would love to get involved in, just meetwith her to discuss the organization of it.

Amy Campbell says intramurals “respond to where the student interest is.” Students can look forward to a softball game in the spring, game night, spring soccer, and 3 v. 3 basketball, but if these activities don’t interest you, take the initiative to begin one that does. Some intramural sports can even fulfill gym requirements.

So why not play? Enjoy the nice fall weather out on the athletic fields or take advantage of the Schwartz Gym. Pull out those Nike pumps, athletic Ts, and get active! Meet people. Take your mind off your studies. Experience friendly competition and the love of the game. You can even get another one of those class requirements out of the way. And most importantly, move Bryn Mawr to Princeton Review’s list of “everyone plays intramural sports.”

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