Joe Spadaro Named as New CIO

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By Hannah Jaenicke 

After a year-long search, Joe Spadaro has been named as Haverford’s Chief Information Officer (CIO).

President Dr. Stephen G. Emerson ’74 said that Spadaro was the administration’s first choice for the role, although all of the candidates were strong contenders.

Spadaro currently holds a similar position at St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, NY, which is the second campus of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. He will begin his role at Haverford on February 1, 2010.

During a meeting with students in November, Spadaro explained that he felt  prepared to collaborate effectively with Bryn Mawr due to the dual-campus nature of his current position. This will be an important aspect of the role of CIO as the two colleges aim for increased co-operation across many different areas of academic and campus life.

Emerson said that Bryn Mawr and Haverford had thought about consolidating the role of CIO between them, but that because there was so much to do at Haverford, it was decided not to create a single position for both colleges.

He emphasised that there are many areas that require work, such as improving student services, integrating the registrars’ offices across Bryn Mawr and Haverford, and introducing more technology into classrooms. Other priorities raised by students were the implementation of a campus-wide wireless network and a better relationship with student-run groups and organizations.

Student Council Co-President Harrison Haas ’10 said that he was particularly “interested to see some of his work on smart classrooms” be used at Haverford.


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