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By Andrew Maverick Bennet

Staff Writer


The West Coast of the United States has undeniably skyrocketed the advancement of the entire world between now and the “Booming 90’s.” You can debate Mac vs. PC all you want because both help my argument of the WC being the hegemony of the technological world.  Bloomberg.com featured a top 25 ranking “Cities That Yield the Most Valuable Patents,” done by Ocean Tomo, a financial research and services firm that specialize in assessing intellectual property. The WC claims six of the top ten spots, while the EC was only able to secure one spot (Boston at #3).  Silicon Valley secures the top with companies like Apple, Google and Intel, Los Angeles takes the forth spot, while San Diego, Boise, Seattle and Portland round out the top 10 in the world at 5, 7, 8 and 9 respectively.


It’s no secret that East Coasters find themselves fashionable and sophisticated in such things as boat shoes and pairs of expensive shades.  A look that keeps them allocated from those without such refined tastes and shows off the first class, boating lifestyle they claim to live. People in Seattle enjoy this look too…but that’s because they actually own the yachts and luxury boats. The city of Seattle boasts more pleasure boats per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. So please, continue to live your silken lifestyle vicariously through your boat shoes—we’ll wave from our oceanic abode known as a boat (or should I say yacht).


It just seems that every gem of the EC can be outdone by its WC counterparts. You have New York, we have LA, you have Boston, we have San Francisco, you have Washington DC, we have Washington State, you have Miami and we have Las Vegas (even the CSI is better in this case), you have The South, we have the state of Utah—even your crazy can’t match up with our crazy.  Our famed interstate highway, I-5, stretches from nearly Vancouver to Tijuana, with something for everyone’s tastes in-between.  Hippies, hipsters, hicks, and homosexuals, to the extremely rich, poor, peace-makers and shoot-em-up gangters.


It’s true, you won’t find 17th Century buildings or musket war memorials, but what we lack in history, we more than make up for in future.  So become a part of the manifest destiny known as the West Coast, a frontier worthy of exploration.

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