Senior Snapshot —Cassie Kosarek BMC ’12

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Interview by Amanda Gill

Staff Writer

Where are you from?: New Jersey, but I’m a nice person.

Major: I’m an English major with a psychology minor.

What’s your favorite class you’ve ever taken here?: Wow, I feel like I’m going to disappoint a lot of professors. I loved Non-Fiction Prose with Anne Dalke, and Psychopharmacology with Earl Thomas—psychopharm because that gave me some insight into my future, since I want to be a psychiatrist, and non-fiction prose because it really opened my eyes to the digital humanities and  I had the chance to publish papers online.

If you were stranded on an island and could bring only three things, what would you bring and why?: I would bring my lap top because I’m addicted to Tumblr and Facebook, assuming I have one of those Wi-Fi plug-in things. And food—quesadillas and ramen. And my roommate, because she’s not practical about anything, so we would just be watching movies and eating ramen the whole time.

Biggest pet peeve: I think people who preface their questions with “I was just wondering…” and then ask like twenty questions…you didn’t have that much time to wonder!

Have you ever had a crush on a professor?: I would call it an intellectual crush. I’m not going to name names or anything, but there are certain professors who I would definitely bake brownies for just to be able to follow them around.

Love to hate/Hate to love: Teen mom. I am addicted to that show, it’s horrible, but it’s so good.

If you could travel back through time, which period would you want visit and why?: Probably ancient Rome. I took Latin for 2 years, and at least I would be proficient in the language according to Bryn Mawr’s standards. I think that’s where so many political and scientific thoughts and ideologies were born there. It would be interesting to figure out how so many of these ideas began and how they influenced the renaissance.  Also, they built some of the first aqueducts.


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