A Love of Weird Animals and Abhorrence for Conformity
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By Anna Sargeant

Last Word Editor

When I was in fourth grade, my absolute favorite animal was the tree frog. God knows why. I mean, neon colors are a plus, and frogs have them in spades. Also, they were super easy to draw onto my textbook covers. I just drew a bunch of circles and hoped for the best- not too bad for a girl who messes up stick figures.

I’m so bad at drawing that even my stick figures are obese (#no body shaming).

Perhaps it was their giant, red eyes. It’s like the old adage goes, “the bigger the eyes, the cuter the animal.” (Except for the fact that I just made that up…). If anyone can recall that school supplies fad of bug-eyed puppies and kitties on folders and notebooks and so forth, kudos to you!

The Internet doesn’t remember…. This is the most relevant Google image search result.

But, most likely, I found tree frogs cute because no one else did.  I have a thing for supporting the underdog (it took me a year to finish Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone because I didn’t want to acknowledge that Professor Quirrell was the villain).

So, once my well for tree-frog-love ran dry, my favorite animal was the axolotl. My reasoning was two-fold. One: they look like they grow fronds out of their heads (I like to think that they’re secretly photosynthetic). Two: they always look like they’re smiling, thus lending them the appearance of a happy disposition. And then there was the bonus point: I knew how to spell ‘axolotl’.

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink!”

Then came the sudden realization. I LIKE ANIMALS TO WHICH I CAN ATTRIBUTE HUMAN QUALITIES. Which is probably why my current favorite animal is the blobfish……..


“Blobfish, it’s a Monday and you’re wearing sweatpants. You can’t sit with us.”

The blobfish looks like a human head. It has dopey eyes, big lips, and floppy cheeks. And the fake snaggletooth just adds to its charm, giving it the appearance of a carefree attitude. Blobfish look like a jolly Santa Claus, (after you subtract the adjective). This lovable blob of a fish lives off the Australian coast, deep in the ocean, where it floats near the floor. Being a blob, the fish does not really have enough muscle to actually swim; it eats by letting the current give it food. The blobfish literally goes with the flow in order to survive.


The point is that blobfishes are awesome. They know what’s up and how to get by. They understand that even though there is so much activity in their ocean environment, they are only capable of so much.  And that’s my point. No matter how much people tell you to be an individual and always go against the current, it’s ok to take a break.

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  1. Maria McGurrin says:

    This made me laugh out loud, which made people in the Library glare at me. And I blame it all on Anna Sargeant.

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