LGBT Comedy at Bryn Mawr with Lauren Faber

By Diana Pope, Staff Writer

[This article contains material that may be inappropriate for some audiences]

This past Thursday, Lauren Faber came to Bryn Mawr College to offer a stand-up comedy special filled with hilarious insights on dating, studying abroad, and bathroom laws. A Bryn Mawr alumnus, Faber has performed stand-up comedy across the country. In her time as a comedian, she has opened for Joe Zimmerman and, in 2016, won the title of North Carolina’s “Funniest Comic.” She currently coaches students who are interested in comedy as part of the DSI Standup Corps.

Faber’s show was comedic relief for Bryn Mawr students after an emotional week in the tumultuous election season. She commented on the dominance of male leaders in our political system, prompting cheers and laughs when she asked, “Do you ever feel like the world is being held at dick-point?”

Along with her sarcasm about this past election, she talked about her experience as a lesbian. She told stories about how multiple people have confused her for a male in public bathrooms, and laughed about all the reactions she had received from random individuals in these situations. She also discussed her experience coming out to her family members, and talked about how she dressed up as Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid for nine years in a row during Halloween to give a hint to her parents.

Faber also shared stories from her time as a student at Bryn Mawr College. During her time here, she studied abroad in Egypt. She was drugged by someone while she was in Cairo and got many laughs from the audience when she asked, “Have you ever gotten so drunk that you woke up on another continent?”

Faber stated that she chose to come to BMC over Columbia University because it “seemed like an incredibly happy, nurturing place”. After attending Bryn Mawr, she moved to North Carolina and started taking comedy classes as a side hobby. Eventually, Faber’s interest in comedy morphed into a full-time career. She loves comedy because she thinks that it is a “super therapeutic way of dealing with embarrassing things.”

This comedian has left her mark on Bryn Mawr, and her show was well worth the wait. The college is planning to feature more LGBT comedians in the future for a new comedy series. It is inspiring to know that Bryn Mawr is home to such witty and hilarious individuals as Faber.

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